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‘Datuk T sex video shown to Sarawak’s elderly by iPad’

Mon 2011-Apr-11 @ +08 21:39:35 pm

Blogger MiloSuam says he has been told by a blog reader that the controversial Datuk T sex video is being taken to Sarawak’s interior and shown to elderly voters, in order to sway them towards voting for the Barisan Nasional.

The video allegedly shows a politician having sex with an unidentified woman said to be a prostitute in a Kuala Lumpur hotel on Feb 21.

Sarawak voters are being shown the sex video on handheld electronic devices such as the iPad. (The gadget in the photo is smaller than an iPad and appears to be a Galaxy Pad.)

MiloSuam said he was sent an email by a reader, who wished to remain anonymous, who said that “the pornographic video has become campaign material and is being shown to the general public, especially the elderly in the interior” through electronic devices such as the iPad.

“It is expected that this dirty campaign will be conducted right up to polling day, in order to persuade voters to switch to the Barisan Nasional,” Milo Suam’s reader said. The self-righteous morality brigade (“gerombolan songkok tinggi”) were unable to continue with an above-board campaign in view of high feelings running against Taib Mahmud, the chief minister, he said.

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  1. Mon 2011-Apr-11 @ +08 22:58:36 pm 22:58

    So desperate and lowdown.

    They should broadcasting it over National TV would to ensure a bigger audience.

  2. dr. amir permalink
    Tue 2011-Apr-12 @ +08 09:56:55 am 09:56

    Dear Sir,

    As expected my prediction materalised, as the tape being used as GE campaign. The current issue is about the omega watch. Y should the watch be an issue? The main issue is whether the man involved is authentic? This doing is just to provoke the rakyat to believe that the person is what they want to force us to believe that is DSAI? Please for heaven sake, we the rakyat call upon our belovered PM to put the case to rest once and for all. By the islamic principals it is wrong and utter disgust to humilate another fellow muslim in this way.

  3. MCA....the choice of the Chinese permalink
    Wed 2011-Apr-13 @ +08 11:38:24 am 11:38

    What’s there to be AFRAID of pertaining to the sex video???

    Dare to do, then, dare to screen. This is only what I call a “MAN”.

    Those who only dare to do but quickly jump to deny when caught is called a “PONDAN”.

    So, shall I say CHUA SOI LEK is indeed a “MAN” for admitting, while. ANWAR IBRAHIM is indeed a “PONDAN” for being afraid to admit???

    Hahahaha…the choice is yours!

  4. farha permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-14 @ +08 09:26:26 am 09:26

    As expected…(tsk tsk tsk)…i condemn any party’s attempt to shame/malign/launch personal attack regardless of whether the person in the video is an opposition leader or not!

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