The actual and definitive Taib retirement story

The story in 1995

Borneo Post, 1995

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution produced a newspaper clipping [of the Borneo Post] dated Nov 7, 1995 which quoted Taib as saying that he would step down in “five years”. Saifuddin said that, when the deadline arrived in 2000, even the most powerful prime minister in the nation’s history – Dr Mahathir Mohamad – could not hold Taib to his word. Thus Najib, who has not held a general election to seek his own mandate, would not be powerful enough to ensure that Taib keeps his word. » MalaysiaKini

The story today: a few more years’ time…

Malaysian Insider
KUCHING, April 11 — Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud repeated his intention tonight to step down “in a few years’ time” despite the opposition calling for a quicker end to the Sarawak chief minister’s 30-year-rule. The embattled leader, who has taken on the task of delivering Sarawak for another term to the Barisan Nasional, made the pledge before Datuk Seri Najib Razak in a short speech at a 1 Malaysia concert held at the Padang Merdeka in the capital city here. Malaysian Insider

The story according to Najib Razak

There is (an) understanding, we’ll reveal that when the time comes, but the transition is there,” he said when asked if there is a specific exit plan for Taib. “The most important thing is to ensure a very smooth transition. We cannot simply jump into making (a) quick solution. Change in the leadership requires proper handling so there will be no problem after that.” Pressed further whether BN has identified Taib’s successor, Najib [said]: “We have the understanding. We’ll come to that later.” » MalaysiaKini

The story according to Anwar

If it is true that Taib will step down, the question is when? 2015? 2020? Secondly, who is his successor? Is it going to be his brother, who has failed to groom his son as a successor? This must be answered.” Asked about a suitable date for Taib to step down, Anwar replied: “Five years ago. He should not be contesting (in this election).” » MalaysiaKini


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  1. Taib may have said he will only retire in a few years. The people can retire him permanently in the election, it is an insult to all the people of Sarawak that after 30 years he has not been able to find someone good enough to take over from him. If I were Taib I would be glad to retire now and enjoy the rest of my life with my ‘grand daughter wife’.

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