Alternative sites for Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report still under cyber attack

After a heavy cyber attacks since Friday, two alternative sites for Sarawak Report have been made available, a mirror blog at WordPress, and a mirror server for the blog postings. The main site is still accessible, but the alternative sites are available in case the main site is knocked out again. Sarawak Report has also made its entire content available for download (88Mb zip file) for anyone to set up a mirror site on their own servers.

Updates on Facebook, Twitter

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The official Sarawak Report feed at Twitter is at There is another feed at but this is a private feed by a fan

» Download the whole Sarawak Report web site [88 megabytes]

by Sarawak Report
We are now making the whole of Sarawak Report available as a download. Please download this zip file. It contains all reports up to a few days ago in English, Iban & Malay. Feel free to upload this to a webserver near you. There may be broken links and missing images throughout. » Download