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Cyber attack day 3: Mkini text site still up, Sarawak Report and radio down

Wed 2011-Apr-13 @ +08 13:46:14 pm


» All-text site
» Mkini at WordPress
» Mkini at Blogspot
» Mkini’s Facebook page
» Mkini TV on Facebook
» MalaysiaKini TV’s channel on YouTube

MalaysiaKini in Chinese and BM

» Mkini Chinese at Blogspot
» Mkini Chinese at Facebook
^» Mkini in Bahasa Malaysia at Facebook

MalaysiaKini standby text site

While MalaysiaKini’s main web site is still unavailable because of a serious cyber attack, its standby all-text site used on days of heavy traffic is available at

This is in addition to the two blog sites that are serving MalaysiaKini articles while the main site is under cyber attack.
» WordPress or » Blogspot

Sarawak Report still under attack

The main site is still unavailable. The most recent articles are on the Sarawak Report blog site at WordPress. The Sarawak Report Facebook page contains short updates and links to interesting comments from other news sites or blogs. It’s convenient for catching up on some of the latest news, and easy for other Facebook members to comment on the postings.

Radio Free Sarawak off-and-on

Although Sarawak Report said late on Tuesday night that its companion site Radio Free Sarawak was slowly coming back online, there was no response from the web server between 1pm and 2pm Wednesday. Access appears to be intermittent. Keep trying.

Radio Free Sarawak has updates available on its Facebook page

Tune in RFS on short-wave radio

15420kHz in the 19-metre band

18:00-20:00 local time (10:00-12:00 UTC)


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