They ‘love’ Pek Moh, the White Haired Rajah

This is the DAP poster which has got under the skin of Taib Mahmud, the embattled chief minister of Sarawak, facing the biggest challenge to his 30-year rule in the most hotly-contested election in state history.

Taib has been labelled the White Haired Rajah (Pek Moh or “white hair”, in Hokkien) in a reference to the White Rajahs of the Brooke family who ruled over the 19th Century Kingdom of Sarawak.

The DAP’s “I love Pek Moh” billboard in Miri satirises SUPP president and Piasau candidate George Chan Hong Nam and two other candidates, drawing threats of legal action from the SUPP, the Chinese-based member of the ruling coalition.

“Please take down the billboard that shows our three candidates with the CM. You have no authority to use the photos of our candidates. Kindly be warned that we will sue for defamation,” said a text message sent to the DAP from an SUPP lawyer.

Another message warned the DAP that Barisan Nasional component parties may take “tit-for-tat” action if the billboard was not removed.

The DAP says the billboard does not defame anyone. “Unless it says you don’t love Pek Moh, there’s no defamation,” said Lim Sie Keong, the opponent to George Chan in Piasau.

The billboards play on the SUPP election slogan “I love Miri” and depict the three SUPP candidates in Miri, including Andy Chia Chu Fatt (Pujut) and Lee Kim Shin as bodyguards for the emperor, Taib Mahmud.