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A 15ft-long letter to the editor

Fri 2011-Apr-15 @ +08 12:16:13 pm

An article in the New York Times about picture books made teachers at a primary school so worked up they organised a Picture Book Month at the school library. Pupils, teachers, parents and school staff all chipped in. Then they wrote a letter to the editor. A letter that was 15ft (3m) long.

A 15ft letter to the Editor

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  1. Sat 2011-Apr-16 @ +08 15:39:25 pm 15:39


    It’s not the letter’s length but its content
    If you desire to get the readers’ consent
    To get to know what they have to comment
    Without being guilty of any form of contempt

    (c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Sat. 16th Apr. 2011.

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