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Religion as a weapon of political thought control

Fri 2011-Apr-15 @ +08 10:19:22 am

Religion turned into political tool of control

[Malaysia is] getting more and more regressive … as a result of the politicisation of religion. The political parties are using it as a tool because when you say this is Islam, this is what we’re trying to do and this is God’s law, you kind of put fence around people. That’s how you control them.

It’s not God’s law, it’s man-made law

People think if it is God’s law, then it is divine and who are we to question it. But we put a differentiation between Sharia and Fiqh. Sharia is divine guidance, but Fiqh is the law. [We are] questioning the law which is manmade and can be changed.

Change! Malaysia needs change

In other countries like Morocco, Tunisia or Indonesia, people already have asked for change and they already got their reforms. Change is possible and change is necessary.

Nazreen Nizam of Sisters in Islam laments Malaysian regression in rights

Nazreen Nizam, legal and advocacy officer of ‘Sisters in Islam’, quoted in an article at Trustlaw, a global hub by Thomson Reuters for free legal assistance and information on good governance and women’s rights.

On Muslim marriage law: Nazreen Nizam q&a by NST


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