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[Video] The fight for Sarawak, on ABC News

Fri 2011-Apr-15 @ +08 10:47:37 am
  1. nicolee permalink
    Fri 2011-Apr-15 @ +08 16:09:15 pm 16:09

    This video report puts to rest all those false claims that they operate from Malacca or somewhere else in Malaysia. It puts to shame those govt ministers who opened their mouth.

  2. Groucho Marx permalink
    Fri 2011-Apr-15 @ +08 18:17:40 pm 18:17

    Doesn’t this video content reminds one of another variant deja vu of the current and increasingly international pariah’s son Saif Gaddafi’s fiasco and dealing with the London School of Economics’ solicited funding by the Libayan-Gaddafian regime & Co.? The consequence of this is …….see recent news coverage!

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