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A singular challenge: form your own caucus now

Wed 2011-Apr-20 @ +08 14:32:14 pm

All together now, to the power of One

» Utusan calls for 1Melayu, 1Bumi movement

Err… ahem… as we were saying here in July 2010…

Tu kuasa mi kuasa


Whereas it has come to Our Attention that Certain Quarters have Arisen of late to strive as Champions of uncertain Causes, thereby causing Confusion among the many Peoples of this Noble Land;

And Whereas it Behooves Us to ensure the Domestic Tranquillity among our Peoples, that they not descend to Fractional squabbling among the Halves, Thirds, Eighths and Sixteenths seeking to overcome the claims of Certain Quarters, and to thereby Bring Down the Supreme One and Better Half;

Now therefore, by the Powers invested in me by Diverse Book Makers, and in the name of the Supreme Oracle (not Larry Ellison), do We make the following


  • The public are hereby required to form themselves into Caucuses of like-minded people.
  • To meet the objectives of One Malaysia, each Caucus is permitted to Champion only one Cause
  • Each member of the public is permitted to be a member of only one Caucus
  • Anyone not a member of a Caucus is classified as One Without a Cause, referred to as the Nons
  • All members of the Nons are permitted to Argue only among Themselves
  • Members of a Caucus, referred to in shorts as Caucasians, may Argue with the Nons
  • Members of the Nons shall not argue back

The following, our Wellbeloved Servants, are hereby declared as Caucasians, having formed a valid Caucus:


What, me worry?

Kementerian Tahanan

What, we worry?

O Mama-maha-kuasa

Why you worry? Let us prey


Better worry, buy force of arms

Apco kuasa

You! Non! Worry!

Given under the Great Seal of the Jabulani

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara


Sotong Kuasa

Arms and the Man: The Power of Eight


Depa kasar

What? They not worried?

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