1Melayu, 1Bumi…. sini ada satu Benggali

At the height of the Kuala Lumpur riots of May 1969, a phone call came in late one night at High Street police station.

Hallo, tiga Melayu sini. Siapa di sana?

Policeman: Apa? Tiga Melayu sana?

Tiga Melayu sini. Siapa sana?

Ohh itu macam ka? Tiga Melayu sana… Takpa… Sini ada satu Benggali


It was a phone call from the 3rd Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment.
(Source unknown, much recounted at the time, and possibly apocryphal)
updated to change “bhai” to “Benggali” (see comments below)


6 thoughts on “1Melayu, 1Bumi…. sini ada satu Benggali

  1. Actually the dialogue was something like this:
    + Hello! Itu Balai Polis High Street ke?
    – Ya. Ya. Ini Balai polis High Street. Siapa di sana?
    + Terima Kasih. Ini Tiga Melayu. (3rd Royal Malay Regiment).
    – Apa? Tiga Melayu ka? Tak da apa. Satu Benggali di sini!(the phone operator was a Sikh).

    • Bengali is a person from Bengal. Benggali, pronounced bunggali, is a Malaysian word meaning a person with a turban or most commonly a Sikh. Benggali is not synonymous with Bengali. There is no reason that Malaysians should feel ashamed of a purely Malaysian word. The ones who need to be educated are the brainless idiots who always get up on their hind legs to insist that Benggali is wrong, that “kelinga” or “keling” or “mamak” is wrong. We are Malaysian, not Indian.

  2. Of course, it is a common error, especially among Malaysians, to refer to Bengalis (from Calcutta) when talking about the Bhais from Punjab.

    But, in the ’50’s. ’60’s and ’70’s the Bhais were, among other things, also referred to as Banggali Kondais’ for their turbans.

    So, “Benggali” must stand as authentic.

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  3. These are some of the facts about this leader :

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    HAhahahahha…..you all thot it was MAHATHIR,kan????

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