Watch it, pipsqueak: who you calling a sissy?

When we talk of externalities, we talk about conformity. And when we talk about conformity, we quickly reject and even demean those who do not conform to our being; our values; our form.


Hey, you fat old fart: who told you to write headlines like that?

Art Harun is boiling over at the sight, and the use, of the word “sissies” in a New Straits Times headline on Monday and Tuesday. He’s right. Nothing justifies the use of an insulting and judgmental word in a straight forward news headline: without qualification or attribution, it becomes opinion, not fact, and editorialises the news.

The fact that the education department has chosen to take such a step (a gulag for the effeminate) is mind-boggling in itself, for the sheer insensitivity and callousness such an attitude represents.

Razali Daud, state education director: We are merely trying to guide these students to proper path in life

Worse, it is symptomatic of attitudes that prevail and pervade the federal bureaucracy and the political leadership after years of indoctrination, and exposure to the boors that we call Yang Berhormat.

Is it manly (ada telur) to send a posse of policeman without a warrant in the middle of the night to bully a young blogger? Is it manly (ada telur) to make lewd gestures in Parliament and talk of holes and cracks and leaks in reference to women? Is it manly (ada telur) to lie, to cheat, to pervert the course of justice by using public office? Is it manly (ada telur) to condone religious bigotry by hauling out and stamping on a cow’s skull or publicly desecrating the holiest moment of church ritual?

Who is to define manliless and effeminacy — those cowardly boors who did all that described above?

Is it effeminate to wear ear-rings? To sport a pig tail. To walk languidly? To carry a handbag? To carry a shopping bag? To put on makeup? To go to a hairdresser, not a barber? To speak in soft tones, or in a squeak?

David Beckham, please report to the Trengganu education department’s Gulag for Wayward Boys.

If federal ministers and their political aides — as well as editors in the major newspapers — see nothing wrong in putting pornography on the front page, or coarsening public discourse and morality with graphic and detailed descriptions of sexual offences, to highlight and condone, with self-righteousness, the desecration of religious artifacts and rituals, to dismiss the taking of lives by extra-legal means and the ruination of lives through legal means…then it is nothing to them to corral a bunch of schoolboys and send them to a gulag and also insult and shame them.

For the NST to condone and approve of such action by editorialising a headline is not just senseless.

It is despicable.

By Art Harun

Besut boot camp for 66 sissies, screamed our premier English newspaper, the New Straits Times yesterday (19th April).

I have a question, NST. When are you going to change your name to something like the New Bigots Bugles?

So what’s next, NST? The next time you are reporting on a cooking class for some mature women, why don’t you headline it, “Cooking Class for Old Pussies” huh? Or how about a headline saying “Two niggers arrested in Chow Kit” the next time you report an arrest of two Nigerian students? Nice eh?

It is appalling to see the level of bigotry perpetuated by a section of our society nowadays. It is simply shocking to see that in the year 2011 – that’s year TWO THOUSAND AND ELEVEN, guys and gals – the editor of our premier English newspaper would allow such headline and word to be used to describe male schoolchildren who were born in a way which makes them a little bit different than others.

Let me spell it out, if you hadn’t known, Mr Macho Editor.

[sis-ee] Show IPA noun, plural -sies, adjective

1. an effeminate boy or man.

2. a timid or cowardly person.

3. a little girl.


4. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a sissy.

1840–50, Americanism in sense “sister”; 1885–90, Americanism for def. 1; sis + y 2

The word “sissy/sissies” not only means “effeminate”. It also brings with it an insidious, and often, chauvinistic connotation. To describe a man or a boy as a sissy is to demean him and his nature. It is a crude description of a person for having a “lesser sex.” The word sissy itself is derived from the word “sis” , which is short of “sister” with the letter “y” added to it. Now, how demeaning can that be?