All this arguing: can’t we all just get along?

We spend too much time listening to small minorities who are incensed by other small minorities
from the Observer

You need the unbending Churchills to save us from the mass-murdering Hitlers but, with no Hitlers around, the Churchills are annoying as hell.

The media’s obsession with conflict means that we’re confronted with it so relentlessly that we’ve stopped questioning why it’s there in the first place. We ask: “Which side is right? Who do I support?” but not: “Do they really need to be arguing about this? Why is so much of our time taken up listening to small minorities who are incensed by other small minorities rather than the vast majority who just want to rub along OK?”

When watching the news, it’s so easy to forget what most of us are like: pleasant, polite, socially shy. We don’t want rows, we want a quiet life. We feel inadequate because we don’t protest and argue more – we don’t stand up for ourselves. And, in feeling that, we forget that the sort of people who do stand up for themselves are cut from the same cloth as the sort of people you have to stand up to.

It’s a tyranny of the argumentative, an unholy alliance of the unholy and the holy, of the extreme right and the extreme left, of Stars and Stripes-burners and Qur’an -burners – people who define themselves by their mutual hatred, have a jolly good time doing it and leave the acquiescent majority running around in circles trying to pick up the pieces.

Well, I’m not going to take it any more! By which I mean, I’m sure it’ll work itself out.

David Mitchell
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2 thoughts on “All this arguing: can’t we all just get along?

  1. When one is so used to run 50 meters in a 100 meter race there by products of incest relationship can’t and don’t know how to run a full race. Some of these retarded pigs will keep calling for the non Malays to return to their countries, the real reason behind this is these morons do not want any competitions in any field as they will not survive.
    How can you expect the non Malays not to argue with these morons ? Just wait for a few more years. The country is about to go bankrupt soon when the black gold is gone and without any reserves plus the country huge deficit is so huge to borrow any more. Inevitably they have to go for help otherwise the entire civil service will not get paid, so pathetic !
    May be the grand son of the untouchable pariah shenanigan Mahathir will bring back some of the ill gotten gains from abroad to keep the civil service going plus get his son to liquidate his share holdings to assist. From dust to dust they were taken from the country illegally, anyway.

    • the point of the writer’s argument, slightly tongue-in-cheek, is that a small minority of people control what’s being discussed, so all the sound and fury involves only a few people and their love of scoring points against each other. substantial matters always need full airing. but our newspapers and other public spaces are full of petty arguments. “he said, she said”, “he said she said” all day long.

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