PKR turncoat behind report that led to RPK Bangkok drama

Behind the scenes: ex-PKR man who is anti-Anwar, anti-RPK, anti-Kalimullah, anti-Nor Mohd Yakcop, anti-Malaysian Insider, and friend of Mukhriz

JMM president Azwanddin Hamzah (left), a PKR turncoat, with Mukhriz Mahathir in March at the launch of a new television programme aimed at improving Indonesia-Malaysia relations. Mukhriz features prominently in more than 12 photos at the JMM web site

by uppercaise
The pressure group Jaringan Melayu Malaysia, headed by a former member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, is behind the police report that led to the Bangkok cat-and-mouse game between the police and Raja Petra Kamarudin. It had sought police action on an alleged moves in 2009 to block Najib Razak from taking office as prime minister.

It cited allegations that RPK is said to have made, as reported by the Utusan Malaysia in its article on RPK’s interview with TV3. JMM had demanded that the police investigate the alleged “conspiracy”, that the police interrogate four people named by RPK, and that action be taken about libellous statements being made about Najib.

The report was lodged on April 14. On Friday, blogger Din Merican was interrogated at federal police headquarters for three hours, the Star reported. Din was one of four people mentioned by RPK as having knowledge of the move to block Najib.

The police action was about the so-called conspiracy and not about the statutory declaration that RPK made in 2008 that an informant, since revealed to be an army officer, had implicated Najib’s wife and two army officers in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu. RPK has repeatedly asked that these allegations be investigated. Instead he himself was accused of criminal defamation.

Jaringan Melayu Malaysia is headed by Mandarin-speaking businessman Azwanddin Hamzah, 36, of Ampang. A member of Parti Keadilan for 10 years and a member of the Keadilan Youth central exco, he left the party for Umno in 2008, together with Keadilan Youth leader Ezam Mohd Noor.

In February last year, he campaigned against Malaysian Insider, and vowed he would get the site shut down. He also called for action against former New Straits Times Press deputy chairman Kalimullah Hassan and two others whom he accused of financing the web site from funds obtained from a government contract. Azwanddin also demanded explanations from the ministry of finance and asked second finance minister Nor Mohd Yakcop to explain his relationship to Kalimullah.

Azwanddin leading a demonstration against Malaysian Insider for being “traitors” to the country. Photo: Faezah Ismail.

Earlier this year at a high profile ceremony, Azwanddin announced a television programme Antara Dua Garisan to be co-produced with Indonesian stations and aimed at improving bilateral relations. The weekly 30-minute programme, involving interviews with 12 political and national leaders of both countries, is to be aired from June, over a year, according to the group.

Mukhriz Mahathir, son of the former premier and deputy trade minister, was guest-of-honour and is featured in more than a dozen photos at the web site. Other ministers featured are Zahid Hamidi, the defence minister, and Sharizat Jalil, the women’s minister.

Azwanddin has also accused PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim of supporting Raja Petra and private investigator P Balasubramaniam, who now lives in exile in India after making sensational allegations linking Najib Razak with the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu. He has also accused Kalimullah of helping Raja Petra to leave the country, and letting Raja Petra live in his London apartment. (Kalimullah has denied these allegations, and Raja Petra has revealed that he lives in Manchester.)


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  1. Accepted that he is behind the nonosense.

    But the N0.2 cop said (Bernama – yesterday) that RPK made a statement and RPK was not arrested because he was cooperative.
    Did No.2 cop lie?
    I don`t think RPK should step into any Malaysian Embassy anywhere as there is an arrest warrant out on him.

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  3. Ayia itu sikit/malas MALAYU cakap itu CINA pegi mumpus Oooooooo. Apa macam itu OLANG KADAZAN SABAH sama OLANG IBAN/PUAN SARAWAK pun pegi mumpus kah AYIA…AYIA ini susah ca-cacap Ooooo INI KADAZAN sama IBAN/PUAN kasih bolo kah itu CINA cacap. AYIA…ayia itu OLANG sekolah mahu WANG saja kah

  4. Agreed structuraly engineered by ex-PKR. Sahadin (stand on dep. minister left side) linked to Mohkzani Oil & Gas Singapore based company located at Orchad St. They met at SGCC every fornightly and cash transaction were changing hand in a silver coated briefcase at VIP member’s cark park.

  5. I actually attended the Launching Ceremony for the Malaysian Indonesian TV Program and it was attended by a lot of UMNO Ampang members and also, quite a number of Indians, Chinese as well as Indonesians. What bother me most is that this President of JMM, Azwanddin, in his speech, talks very passionately about Malay rights. I was therejust to fill in the seats at the table and I do not know head or tail about this event and the organizers. I begin to wonder what this launching is all about cos this guy was talking about how Malay should stick toghether and fight for their rights and ensure that the rights are not trampled upon. It really makes me so uncomfortable as seated at my table and around me are non – malays of whom some are my neighbours and to think that I got to know later that this guy is from the same housing area as mine. Dont he realize that even the Indonesians, those prominently in business, are of chinese decendants? What a bloody hypocrite! Kudos to Mukhriz and the Indonesian Ambasodor for not giving speeches along this line. It shows, Azwanddin, in trying to defend malay rights, is indeed a very very very immature person

  6. I work 2 jobs in KL night and day just to feed my family living in a rented flat and I didnt realise I trampled on malay rights somewhat, I ‘ml so sorry I just dont know how I did wrong. Please forgive us all we just didnt have time due to our work to realise our mistakes.I think we all east malaysians should return home,we dont want to give you trouble sorry again.

  7. They have eaten to much of the mamaks idealogy…., I mean TDM.

    But then we see they are just about half past six Malays…who will never walk witout CLUTCHES.., Jaringan you claim so…beter learn to jaring.(Score ) Bangkai.

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