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No statement: police buy RPK a drink, have ‘friendly chat’ – RPK gloats

Mon 2011-Apr-25 @ +08 11:39:07 am

I then took this long-awaited opportunity to laugh in their faces. I had waited three years to finally look ACP Aziz in his face and laugh at him and imply that he is an idiot. And I did not mince my words to make him feel small.
in his column this morning

by uppercaise

Raja Petra Kamarudin has finally spoken to the Malaysian police officers sent to Bangkok — no statement was required, no going to the embassy — and he laughed in their faces. They had woken him up on Sunday night to ask for “a friendly chat” and they met in the lobby bar of his hotel for a drink, he wrote in his column this morning at Malaysia Today.

He said the police were trying to extricate themselves from a mess as “the issue of me making an allegation against Rosmah will not go away, as they had hoped, and Najib Tun Razak’s enemies in Umno are trying to use this issue to bring him down”.

Raja Petra said “some dungu” at TV3 had screwed up the interview aired on April 13 by putting it out that RPK had made a U-turn about Rosmah Mansor’s involvement in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Raja Petra said the police had made several blunders in their campaign against him:

  • They had not charged him with making a false statutory declaration in 2008 when he said an informant had implicated Rosmah Mansor, her army ADC and the ADC’s husband, also an army officer, in the murder. “They would have had to prove it and I, in turn, would be allowed to challenge the charge by bringing my witnesses and evidence to court,”RPK said.
  • After he later left the country, “over the next three years they spun the story that I had made an allegation against Rosmah Mansor, Col Norhayati Hassan and Col Aziz Buyong. They played up this issue to the hilt.”
  • This had backfired. An interview with TV3 was planned (it aired on April 13) to show that RPK himself had not made any allegation against Rosmah. “But some dunggu in TV3 decided to spin it another way…that I have now made a U-turn.” This, too, had backfired.

And now they need to crawl back to me, smile sweetly the entire night, buy me a drink, and try to get me on their side. Then they had to continue smiling while I whacked them and called them stupid, much to the delight of Haris who was smirking as the police cringed. I felt good. They tried to screw me and now they got screwed instead … they set a trap for me which ended up trapping themselves instead.

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  1. Mon 2011-Apr-25 @ +08 13:03:29 pm 13:03

    This is Malaysian Police a bunch of quarter cooked and do we need any more proof ?

  2. Mon 2011-Apr-25 @ +08 14:06:10 pm 14:06

    From what transpired at the meeting between RPK & ACP Aziz, it is obvious that the police have at all times were trying to cover up Najib & rosmah’s involvement in the A’tuya murder. That is why the murder was not fully investigated. It stopped at the killers only and not the master who gave the order.

    So our suspicion all this while is confirmed

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