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Now the CID steps up to keep knocking RPK

Tue 2011-Apr-26 @ +08 15:31:38 pm

Keeping up a stream of half-truths, if not outright lies, has been the hallmark of the police in the past few days. They’ve tried to keep the focus on Raja Petra Kamarudin, his statutory declaration, and apparenly ignoring what it said about Rosmah Mansor, her army ADC and the ADC’s army husband in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Monday night brought a Bernama story quoting the head of federal CID and giving the impression that a new investigation of RPK was now going on.

It also stuck to the police story that RPK had given the police a statement in Bangkok on Saturday — even though RPK himself and his lawyer Haris Ibrahim have denied any statement was made, and have published their accounts of what happened on Saturday and Sunday. SEE: » How RPK was almost lured into little Malaysia and » Drama in Bangkok

What script does Bukit Aman follow?

But as far as Bukit Aman as concerned, there was a statement made by RPK on Saturday, and that’s what the public must be made to believe. So it gets repeated every day. Maybe they already had it all written out and just needed RPK’s signature? Be a good boy, sign on the dotted line and make the new deputy IGP look like a hero?

In any case RPK had apparently agreed to give a statement — to the horror of Haris and RPK’s wife Marina, who were adamant that he should not by any means go to the Malaysian embassy, where the policeman was waiting.

So on Monday, when Bernama phoned up for an update, Mohd Bakri Zinin, the federal director of CID (and one of those passed over for promotion to deputy IGP), followed some kind of Bukit Aman script.

In Buki Aman’s alternative reality RPK had already made a statement, voluntarily, on Saturday, and recorded by an officer sent by Bukit Aman. So that’s what Bakri said. Just like his new boss Khalid Abu Bakar, the new deputy IGP, who was quoted as saying that all through Saturday.

In real-life Bangkok, though, Haris and Marina were having none of that. An altercation with the policeman ensued — with the policeman almost coming to blows with the lawyer.

The meaning of the word ‘cooperate’

None of that was mentioned by Khalid, of course, who merely blandly stated some “facts” to a cooperative press, especially a cooperative Bernama. None of that was carried by most of the press. They’re used to senior police officers routinely giving the “facts” at press conferences after an event. The officers never tell the press the gory details of what their people on the ground did. (Like what RPK and Haris reported on Saturday.) The press doesn’t bother to dig around anyway. They usually “cooperate”.

By the way, the words “cooperate” and “cooperation” have a different meaning when used by a Malaysian policeman: they mean that the stupid, naive, unsuspecting and trusting civilian has let the policeman do and say whatever he wants, as a result of being shouted at and bullied, or by being conned, or out of a childish belief that policeman are friends.

Other officials in the Malaysian civil service and government also speak the same way; it’s a different language from what we use: the words look the same, but the meanings are known only to them.

Bakri makes stale old news sound new

Bernama also quoted Bakri with some non-news: RPK was “being investigated under Section 203 of the Penal Code for allegedly giving false information in connection with his statutory declaration”.

It’s three years old. It began as soon as RPK’s statutory declaration was made public in June 2008. The Attorney-General himself leapt into action and filed a police report to get the investigation going. “RPK lied, nail him” more or less sums it up. (They still haven’t investigated the details of that declaration, by the way, but that doesn’t matter; as far as they’re concerned, they knew it was a lie the moment they saw it.)

RPK hit the roof because they were not investigating the contents of his declaration, but investigating him instead. Read his account » It’s so nice to be able to gloat for more about Sect 203, the police and the A-G.

So now Bakri is quoted to make it sound new. If RPK is being investigated now, then what the hell were Bukit Aman doing for the past three years, twiddling their thumbs? (Well, yes, essentially, but you mustn’t think that, naughty boy, it’s bad for their image.)

Bakri confirms the agenda is: Nail RPK

Bernama says Bakri said that “police were actively probing the case based on Raja Petra’s statement”. And he also says: “The question of who and how many people have been called up is not important. Our focus now is to investigate his (Raja Petra’s) allegations,” he added.

So Bakri is in on it, too. Never mind the details, blame RPK for making allegations, and just nail RPK. The others not important? There’s RPK’s informant, who says three others were at the murder scene. Three people, directly involved, according to RPK’s informant, and RPK himself. But they’re investigating RPK instead, to turn the focus away from what the declaration said.

That’s not an investigation, it’s a witch-hunt and a cover-up.

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  1. leekh permalink
    Tue 2011-Apr-26 @ +08 21:23:35 pm 21:23

    Looks like the police can do what they like and say what they want to say. If the police gets this way, then we are done for. The police should be neutral in enforcing the law. Anybody from bus boy to PM can be investigated, arrested and charged. Perhaps they must be taught that the person holding the post and the “post” are 2 different things! The King has died! Long live the King! Can they figure?

  2. Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 11:09:10 am 11:09

    DON’T UPSET TO REGRET – 280411

    To be on target or off target
    Always remember what to “officially forget”
    Trying hard to live life without any regret
    When it’s actually time for entire life to reset

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Thur. 28th. Apr. 2011.

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