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Born in the USA

Wed 2011-Apr-27 @ +08 22:02:17 pm

We’re not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival acts and sideshow barkers. We do not have time for this kind of silliness, we’ve got big stuff to do, I’ve got big stuff to do.
Barack Obama

Intriguing: Panetta and Petraeus

  1. gamma ray permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 04:55:08 am 04:55

    I just wish my Prime Minister takes similar stand like OBAMA and start building this country forward. Unfortunately this is not going to happen………..

  2. pinsysu permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 11:30:39 am 11:30

    … and najib mooHeedin got porn video series to screen, bit by bit & tis will turn Msians into a world class sextizens … lol!!

  3. Patrick permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 13:52:05 pm 13:52

    Bet you none of this would have happened if Barack was white, and his name was Barry Hudgins O’Briens. Damn birthers.

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