Sex video II sends Umno bloggers into a frenzy

Tweets and links were flying all over the Internet this afternoon after a second video clip of a pot-bellied man and an East Asian woman, both naked, was posted on YouTube.

“Unit Media Baru PPUM” (New Media Unit, Umno Youth Malaysia) had several Tweets on the video:

At Mahathir supporter ParpuKari’s blog, there were 18 links to the new video on his blogroll. Some of the links, however, led to this:

The video was posted under different user-names on YouTube and with different titles, possible to avoid attracting attention. One of the site used the title Papa Nurul Izzah Part II.

There was also a cheeky music video with clips from Part I

It features an Anwar Ibrahim lookalike as a music rapper and a cartoon Karpal Singh rapping along with suggestive lyrics.


4 thoughts on “Sex video II sends Umno bloggers into a frenzy

  1. Gosh!!!

    What’s the BIG FUSS when UMNO/BN bloggers flock the netsphere with this 2nd release of ANWAR IBRAHIM sex video??? Pakatan Rakyat bloggers too will flocked the net when NAJIB was accused in the SUNDAL ala MONGOLIA murder case, right??? I would say this is a ‘Natural Phenomenon’. Bloggers from both sides are just the same.

    Standing from a NEUTRAL stance, there are certain angles which shows it’s really ANWAR ala BELAKANG-HIM, while at certain angles, I have strong DOUBT it’s him. Whether it’s really ANWAR or not, I’m anxious to know when answers are finally out. As for now, it’s better to enjoy the entertainment deriving from this so-called ‘Blue Film’.

    However, 1 thing that really AMAZES me is that ‘Pro-Pakatan Rakyat’ lovers are so quick to jump to the conclusion by insisting the PORNO MAN is NOT their idol. How could anyone jump to such quick conclusion even before conclusion itself is out??? Ain’t this puzzling???

    This only shows the SHALLOW MENTALITY that’s inside these ‘Pro-Pakatan Rakyat’ supporters. It’s really SAD to see them displaying their DUMBNESS & SILLINESS for the public to view. So much so, my grandfather would define this type of idiots….”Otak dekat Buntut”.

    Dear fellow Pro-Pakatan Rakyat supporters, it’s TOTALLY CORRECT for you to choose whoever you want as your IDOL but at least try using your brains to digest & evaluate before you make the final decision. You could be IDOLIZING Malaysia’s most notorious PORN STAR after all (someone who can do it front front & back).

  2. Our country is fast becoming the butt of jokes amongst drinkers everywhere.Can’t blame those foreigners because we are stupid enough to always gain ourselves international headlines for the wrong reasons – sex, sodomy,chinese bashing unlimited,stolen jet engine,unsubmerged submarine,women’s period,cow head protest,church/mosque burning,sex and more sex……(sigh).CAN SOMEBODY,ANYBODY PLEASE TELL THE WORLD WE ACTUALLY GOT SOMEONE TRYING TO WORK ON THE ECONOMY, it’s not sex all year long!

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