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Barack Hussein Obama II was born in the USA. Absolutely true

Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 19:28:12 pm

And that’s what it says in the birth certificate

Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the USA. Absolutely true

Everybody was right.

Back to work.

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  1. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) permalink
    Fri 2011-Apr-29 @ +08 07:24:51 am 07:24

    If Caliph Hussein Obama has nothing to hide, why did he spent million of dollars on legal fees to prevent the revelation of his birth certificate in the first place! This caliph is a great joke, and a travesty to Western civilization. OIL-RICH countries of Central Asia like Uzbekistan and South-East Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Mindanao of the Philippines, Southern Thailand are being targeted by Muslim fanatics and terrorists! We can notice this eerie pattern becoming more vicious since Caliph Hussein Obama, the suspected Islamic Trojan horse and Islamic Nazi Muslim Brotherhood agent came into power! Look at the oil-mineral rich once Christian dominated Nigeria, Kenya, Yemen and the Ivory Coast – all being overtaken by suspected alliance of Arab/Iran/Turkey-sponsored Muslim terrorists and fanatics!

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