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Barack Hussein Obama was NOT born in the USA. Absolutely true.

Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 19:19:58 pm

That’s what the birth certificate says

  1. r&d permalink
    Sat 2011-Apr-30 @ +08 13:05:07 pm 13:05

    what is shown is the bottom part of his birth cert. It show the name of his father, aged 25 and an African. The President of the USA is Barack Hussein Onama II. He was born in Hawaii, as shown in the full birth certificate which Obama has released to the press. You are absolutely wrong! Obama was born in the USA.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2011-Apr-30 @ +08 17:49:26 pm 17:49

      did you look at the other posting, “Barack Hussein Obama II was born in the USA” ?

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