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Be great, says Chinese communist. Shut up, Malaysia tells varsity students

Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 18:29:02 pm

Do great things says Chinese communist

If a person can do good things for the people, he will be forever remembered, but if a person does not work for the people despite his high rank, he will still be abandoned by the people. This is my advice to the students and it is also my faith.
at the University of Malaya on Wednesday

Shut up and sit down, say police and MU

I wanted to ask about the arrests that took place before the talk, but the [UM official] said that question was sensitive and advised me not to raise it. I wanted to ask about the Tienanmen Square tragedy… He warned me again not to ask such questions, if not I would be taken away by the police.
UM student

Enemies of free speech No 12

A police officer appeared later and asked [Chan] to go outside the hall. But he refused. “The police then stood next me and when I tried to ask a third question, they tried to persuade me to sit down. Another officer wearing the name tag “Mahadi” sat beside him until the event was over, leaving only when reporters started approaching him. “I’m worried that the university might take action against me, but I am prepared to face it.”
» MALAYSIAKINI: Don’t ask sensitive questions or risk arrest, student told

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  1. My2cen permalink
    Thu 2011-Apr-28 @ +08 21:20:03 pm 21:20

    Sounds like a good advice from Premier Wen to Najib & geng.

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