Sex video II: Mystery of the Missing Toupée

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To add to the mystery of the missing tissue box, here’s another mind-boggler: “The Mystery of the Missing Toupée”!

1. Below is a profile shot of the real Anwar Ibrahim (I got it from a news photo of Anwar conferring with Teoh Beng Hock’s sister) showing very clearly a defined hair parting on the left side of his head (below, right). Now compare this to the video grab of the Anwar look-alike ( and you’ll see that the guy has no side parting!

2. Now, compare the video grab of the Anwar look-alike before the sex session (left) with the one after (above, left) where he’s putting on his trousers. In the first shot, they made him wear an ill-fitting dark-coloured toupée to make him look like Anwar; in the second shot, it’s clear the actor has short-cropped grey hair. Why? Because he has removed the toupée!!!

Without doubt, the sex video has fooled a lot of people, and controversy will continue to rage. However, as far as I’m concerned and have proven, it’s a botched-up frame-up of the first degree…

(Screenshots supplied)

Nik Nazmi: Hair in Sex Video is Different from Anwar’s

by Haider Yutim
PETALING JAYA, 29 APRIL, 2011: Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) information chief Nik Nazmi said the hair of the man inside the sex video allegedly involving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was different from the Opposition leader’s usual hairstyle. According to him, the hair of man inside the video has a slope at the back whereas Anwar has never donned such hairstyle.

He argued that the video was recorded on 21 February 2011, and Anwar was seen at court the next day with more hair on the back of his head which means that it is impossible his hair could grow that much in less than a day. “In the video, he is seen with a sloped hairstyle but on the next day he is seen with more hair. It is impossible that his hair could grow that much within that time,” said Nazmi in a press conference at their headquarters in Petaling Jaya this morning.

PKR held the press conference to address the issue of the sex video after the second part of the footage was uploaded on YouTube two days ago. Malaysian Digest

The magic hair restorer

[Tian] Chua pointed out that in the Feb 22 video taken by TV Selangor outside the
courtroom where Anwar appeared for his ongoing sodomy trial, Anwar had longer hair, whereas the sex video showed a man with close-cropped hair. “I don’t know what Anwar can eat to make his hair grow so fast,” quipped Nik Nazmi. MalaysiaKini

Pot belly, sagging face, an elderly man with Thai haircut

From the hair cut, protruding stomach, and sagging facial feature does not make him to be Anuar Ibrahim. The high hair cut looks like a man that is typically Thai. The sagging facial feature makes the man appear more elderly, and coupled with the protruding stomach eliminates any chances that it is Anuar Ibrahim. Mohd Arshad Raji


8 thoughts on “Sex video II: Mystery of the Missing Toupée

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  2. Amateur sleuth,

    I don’t think it matters whatever yr belief is on the sex video. The truth of the matter is that Umno’s target audience for the sex video are the rural malays ONLY. These are the people they could fool..and which could guaranteed them votes. That is why they have been using their media Utusan & TV3 and aided by Umno’s police propagate the belief amongst rural malays that the porn actor is Anwar. Rural malays only read Utusan and see TV1-3.

    The police themselves knew that Anwar is not featured in the sex video. But they are not telling because Umno tells them not to do so. With the oath taking by the 3 stooges aided by the police and their eventual ‘dramatic’ prosecution for distributing the sex video, which is to deflect public’s criticism, Umno’s agenda has been met; ie to instil suspicion or belief in the minds of the rural malays that Anwar is the man featured in the tape.

  3. the only person or party who can stop all this nonsense is non other than the police only. IF they can make a statement that the guy is NOT DSAI, then all will be over. but what can we say – they’re in cahoots with BeeEnd. those 3 stooges should be arrested but instead, they’re given protection to take the oath. very sad indeed how najib and gang could allow these things to prolong.

    • You can’t blame najib. It is not his call but of the Police and AG. Najib took advantage of the subservient and compliant Police/AG for Umno’s political interest.

      The 3 stooges will be charge u/d s.292 for which they will plead guilty. It will be arranged that only a fine will be imposed. In mitigation, they will say that they did it in national interest since it featured Anwar. The porn actor will never be revealed by either the prosecution or police since it is irrelevant to s.292 charge.

      Thus with this masterstroke, Umno/Police/AG will subtly keep the suspicions of rural malays alive that the porn star is Anwar.

  4. La,

    Even the urban malays are not spared with this on-your-face lies. It is just sad to live and watch how degraded malaysian politics have become.

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