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PAP rattled, Workers’ Party wins 6 seats

Sun 2011-May-8 @ +08 04:00:07 am

• OUT: George Yeo, Chiam See Tong, Mrs Lina Chiam
• PAP popular vote drops to 60%
• Workers’ Party wins Aljuneid (5 seats), Hougang
• PAP ousts Lina Chiam by 114 votes, 242 spoilt
• PAP wins Joo Chiat by 382 votes, 314 spoilt

The story in Tweets!/drdukepeter/status/66939727479177216!/SILIANGG/status/66917976422629376

  1. Laila Yifan permalink
    Sun 2011-May-8 @ +08 12:17:05 pm 12:17

    PM LHL literally assured the voters that Chinese Education is going to stay in the Island Republic. Nobody, bloggers included, cared to comment or decipher what he meant by that statement in a country where over 70% of its population are Chinese. Why?

  2. Jonathan permalink
    Sun 2011-May-8 @ +08 22:42:17 pm 22:42

    The PAP should pay a higher price for stepping on the Singapore man , woman and child to give an edge to foreigners….are they LKY’s slaves to achieve his ambitions and dreams of a First World Country at great social cost to its own citizens….what sought of sick kiasu thinking is this…

    LKY may end up being remebered forever as he the person who enslaved Singaporeans…..the average Singaporean struggles day in day out and lives in a pigeon hole….or has he forgotten…

    The PAP should have lost more seats….only outright cheating in the form of gerrymandering as in Malaysia did it manage to cling on to its two thirds majority…

    But the message is clear…..buck up or get out….

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