May 13th: A nation imprisoned in fear, by Umno and of Umno

Are we Umno’s prisoners of irrational fear?

Miriam Mokhtar on Umno and May 13

It is in Umno’s character to employ cynical tactics because it faces defeat in the 13th General Election. The opposition has captivated the electorate as seen by its successes in Sarawak and to make matters worse, PAS has rejected Umno’s overtures. Umno has run out of ideas and vision. It lacks momentum and motivation. It has reached the end of the road.

Bizarrely, Mahathir became prime minister twelve years after May 13 and his expulsion from Umno.

Extremist Malays probably considered May 13 a Ketuanan Melayu triumph. In addition, the 70s saw the age of ascension of the new Malay capitalists who sought to undermine the aristocratic Malays, of which the Tunku belonged.

The arrogance of Mahathir can be illustrated in how he boasted during campaigning in 1969, that he could retain his parliamentary seat without any need for support from the Chinese electorate.

The NEP was borne out of the May 13 riots. Umno was given carte blanche to implement their agenda for political and economic dominance through the NEP.

In a further horrific move, all the institutions which were left us by the British were slowly and systematically dismantled to assist Umno in its masterplan for complete domination of our mind, body and soul.

Our judiciary, the police, the military, our civil service and the education system, were some of the region’s best, but which have all been exploited by Umno.

Malaysians are not convinced by the Umno ‘experiment’. What have we to show for the past 54 years of Umno domination? So what if we have twin towers of concrete, steel and glass that reach out to the sky when our morals have sunk to terrible depths?


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  1. So many innocent fearful children were terminated by big grown up armed men and I pray that these little ones are now in God’s arms. Today we still hear many big grown up men wanting to enjoy those fun again, no wonder the hell fire will never stop burning.

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