Save Merdeka Review — public appeal

Chang Teck Peng, Chan Wei See, Lim Hong Siang, Chen Shaua Fui, Neo Chee Hua, Chan Kim Ming, Ong Vic Kee, Leong Khong, Saw Siow Feng, Jerry Kwan, Heng Sai Cheng

Merdeka Review staff are making a public appeal for funds to keep the site alive beyond the end of this month. About RM60,000 a month is needed.

In an appeal at the web site today, the staff said they did not wish to see their efforts at developing the site disappear into the void, and were committed to independent journalism for the betterment of society, especially in view of the current challenging political environment.

Save Merdeka Review!

  1. Donate to keep Merdeka Review going while the staff try to overcome the financial challenge
  2. Become a long-term sponsor of Merdeka Review or help to seek long-term sponsors
  3. Write articles for Merdeka Review (email: or write in other media to support Merdeka Review’s efforts to continue
  4. Spread the word about Merdeka Review’s need for support

Donations to Merdeka Review bank accounts

Hong Leong Bank
Account: Merdeka Review Sdn. Bhd. (No: 04001025891)
EON Bank
Account: Merdeka Review Sdn. Bhd. (No: 0595110002973)
Account: Merdeka Review Sdn. Bhd. (No: 514440123099)

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