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Hata’s shutdown therapy for Utusan

Sun 2011-May-22 @ +08 17:15:04 pm

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In order to make the paper responsible, something must be done to the editors and reporters…similar as what happened to The Star, Sinchew Daily and Watan during Ops Lallang in 1987. When they feel the pain of how others felt (during the time of shutdown), they might think two or three times to publish what they did…we must at least shut them down for once… I can bet you the previous editors-in-chief would not have allowed this to happen.
HA’TA WAHARI, quoted in MalaysiaKini
» NUJ chief: Shut down Utusan Malaysia

But most people will only remember “Hata said shut down Utusan”. That’s how smears live on.

  1. Sun 2011-May-22 @ +08 17:37:34 pm 17:37

    To shut down Utusan..then you must shut down Umno first because Utusan is Umno’s baby and Umno holds the rein of power now.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sun 2011-May-22 @ +08 21:15:48 pm 21:15

      see previous posting: If Utusan is so great, why are sales dropping?

  2. Stupidity permalink
    Sun 2011-May-22 @ +08 20:28:03 pm 20:28

    Hata is the ONLY journalist we Malaysians are proud to have and to respect because he dares to stand up and speak out the wrongs. Other journalists of other newspapers should all resign, be ashamed of yourselves when none of you all(malay,english,chinese,indian dailies) gave Hata any support. Shameful really.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sun 2011-May-22 @ +08 21:09:23 pm 21:09

      hata got sacked for speaking out. if all the other journalists resign, who will fill their places — others who want a glamorous job. and you’re going to get press freedom from them? grow up and get real. yes, it’s shameful no working journalist is speaking up for him: they want keep their jobs, too. it’s very cold out in the wilderness, and I doubt other people who think like you will do anything to help, except to throw stones and complain.

  3. susan loone permalink
    Mon 2011-May-23 @ +08 03:23:30 am 03:23

    Hi, I know what u mean about the headline. I suggested this to my editor – Hata: Shutdown Utusan, let editors suffer.

    Does it sound better? But it was cut short 😦

    • Mon 2011-May-23 @ +08 17:00:14 pm 17:00

      news writing (that also includes headlines) is always a toss-up between getting it just right and getting the news out. i was just trying to point out distortions that can occur in news, not pick on anyone in particular. (so don’t ask me to be the referee :-; !)

  4. Mon 2011-May-23 @ +08 08:04:49 am 08:04

    It may now to be too late to shut Utusan Melayu down !
    All Umno really wants and aim for is to create racial problem between Malays and the non Malays. Needless to say this way , Umno believes will give them the Malay support they are looking for. Most of all, it will then given the corrupted morons the chance to continue their corruption. That is all they want and nothing else.
    Outwardly they are desperately begging for the immigrated especially the non Malays to return to serve in Malaysia but really that is last in their priority.
    What other nations in this part of the world have this problem, after all shenanigan Mahathir had expedited approval, during his watch as P.M., million of illegals thieves and robbers mainly from Indonesia to become citizens. He is aim was to open up the flood gate is to ensure the muslim dominance in numbers without any regards to the consequences, until the police has lost control of the headaches and crimes these immigrants brought.
    May be now shenanigan Mahathir should turn to these immigrants for their assistances and also especially for their ‘skills’ and their ‘professionalism’. He and his immediate family should really go and live amongst them instead of where they now live to justify his approval.

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