If Utusan is so great, why are sales dropping?

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Why don’t Umno members put their money where their loud mouths are?

Internet wags will of course say that Umno does indeed put its money on the loudmouths, pointing to the rent-a-crowd mobs that are willing to come out in empty shows of support for Utusan Malaysia and to run down the political opposition.

But Umno has three million members. Umno owns Utusan Malaysia. The Umno media committee consists of the top Umno leaders. Yet sales are dropping, now down to about 150,000 a day. That figure amounts to only about 5% of Umno’s membership.

They think it’s not worth spending RM1.20 a day

Not all those who buy Utusan are Umno members, of course. It looks like 95% of Umno members themselves seem to think Utusan Malaysia is not worth their spending RM1.20 a day, the price of a cup of coffee nowadays. And from all the recent commotion, Umno’s leaders seem to think it’s more worthwhile spending money on creating a public nuisance.

Giving Utusan, Perkasa the green light to let all hell break loose
Last week, UMNO and Perkasa members held a show of force in front of Utusan Malaysia’s office vowing to protect and defend the newspaper at all cost. At this show of force, the demonstrators also carried anti-DAP banners. That this can be permitted and allowed to run uninterrupted is an indication that the powers-that-be are protecting the participants. Although Utusan Malaysia published false ‘news’ regarding the ‘Christian-state’, UMNO continues to ‘see’ and promote them as a ‘beacon of truth’. » Malaysia Chronicle

Why don’t they spend money on good journalism instead?

They’ll benefit, and the people will benefit. That’s progress. But maybe Umno is not really interested in the people’s progress.


5 thoughts on “If Utusan is so great, why are sales dropping?

  1. They are not worry of the demising circulation as their ‘masters’ have plenty of ways of making money !
    Their only purpose in existence is to write rubbish and to publish what their ‘masters’ want and for the handicapped to read.
    Utusan Melayu is a bloody disgrace to journalism ! Their sole purpose in existence is to create chaos and disunity among the people. So make sure the chief editors and the so called ‘journalists’ are indicted when most important of all be left unemployed forever.

  2. Umno forced government depts not only to subscribe to that shit paper but also for all advertising services. Otherwise no many wants to buy that rubbish paper.

    The peoplle demonstrating are all Umno’s dogs. They are eking out a living from Umno who controls most government contracts. They showed their faces, they might get a piece of the cake.

  3. Amno and all those perkosa panglima know when to seek political mileage by reading this lawless newspaper if journalists cameras are on them.Otherwise they also dont want to waste their time reading craps inside. A paper that doesnt advance its readers’ knowledge no matter what race is doing a disservice to nation building, might as well close it down and let other more intellectual malays to advance the malay community.Tak habis habis dengan cerita dongeng kristian PM,islam disingkir,melayu diketepikan…..Kalau ada bukti tunjukkan dan kita boleh tangkap mereka, kalau tak ada tolong ajar macam mana kita boleh berdikari dan berbangga dengan kecapaian sendiri

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