The Star fills in regional gap with Perak section

The Star is bringing out its almost annual revamp with a new regional Metro section for Ipoh, a year after launching its highly-expensive Sarawak edition. Former Penang regional editor Eddie Chua has been working on launching the section since being moved to PJ to oversee Metro operations.

Having got a Sarawak edition going, Section 16 must now be looking at other urban pockets. Ipoh is the only other place left. So watch out, Ipoh Echo. » September 2010: NST going north, the rush is on

The new section is a logical progression in the zoned edition strategy the Star has followed since mopping up the Malay Mail’s Klang Valley classifieds. With Penang and Klang Valley the two bastions of zoning, the only major market centres are Ipoh and Johor Baru. There’ll be lean pickings for the NST by the time they get around to catching up, except in Johor, which has long been a major circulation market since the company set up its first regional plant there way back. It’s the only urban centre where the Star does not have a 2:1 advantage. Which is why the NST had a Johor Streets (cashing in on the Iskandar property boondoggle taking place) long before a Penang one.