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Kidz, make your words sing and dance. Hawt sh*t!

Wed 2011-May-25 @ +08 14:51:31 pm

Minding your P’s and Q’s? Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s? Know the difference from deference? Disinterested in political issues and uninterested in politicians? Do you cringe when language nazis whinge about appalling standards of language proficiency? Say what? Like, you know, language. It rocks! It’s hawt! Grammar Rulz! Get a load of that Stephen Fry sh*t man. It’s pR0ntastic!

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  1. Patrick permalink
    Fri 2011-May-27 @ +08 18:36:26 pm 18:36

    I wish I had a voice like Stephen Fry’s. It’d charm the ladies left, right and bloody center.

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