Memo to Talent Corp: Quick, grab this Malaysian journo in NZ

New Zealand news agency to close down after 132 years

Peter on a recent visit home. Photo stolen from Facebook

Grab him, quickly. Talent Corp can show it’s on the ball by offering former Star and Sun sports journalist Peter Martinez one of their stupendous deals to come home and spread his hard-earned foreign experience, exposure and expertise with stay-home Malaysians. And there’s no date more auspicious to do so than August 31st.

That’s when Peter becomes independent of the NZPA wire service (the New Zealand Press Association) where he has been working since the late 1980s (though he returned for a stint at the Sun in the mid-90s). NZPA is closing down after 132 years of news-gathering. Independence day indeed.

Talent Corp can make Merdeka Day more meaningful for Peter (right) by grabbing him and offering him one of their stupendous deals aimed at luring home Malaysian talent flung all over the world: with housing, car import, and tax breaks, the lot.

On Aug 31 Peter will be one of 40 journalists at NZPA who will lose their jobs when the news agency stops serving newspapers and broadcasters all over the island nation. It began as a cooperative owned by the newspapers, and lately has been run in partnership by Australian media giants APN News & Media and the Fairfax group who between them own all the newspapers in New Zealand and a string of small country papers in Australia.

Fairfax wants out: as the larger of the two organisations it feels ill-served by an agency that supplies news to its rival’s papers. Besides, there’s now the Internet and newspapers can make their own arrangements to swop news.

APN publishes most of New Zealand’s major and minor newspapers including the NZ Herald, and has radio and outdoor advertising interests. Fairfax publishes the major newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne and a string of country newspapers all over Australia.


4 thoughts on “Memo to Talent Corp: Quick, grab this Malaysian journo in NZ

  1. Talent Corp. would not know the difference between the good and the bad ! Besides it takes one to recognize another and they surely don’t belong to the real professionals.
    There is no hope in Malaysia now after all what Talent Corp. is supposed to do was set up in a different manner and with less incentives some years back. My three children were offered similar offers some years back but they were smart enough to get conned by these morons.
    After all these years and with very little or no success the Malaysian government has now decided to change its name and now come up with a supposedly new initiative, Talent Corp. ,with most of the important reasons why the immigrants left the country remain unchanged. Except now, typical of Umno, the only one difference is to offer the targeted non Malay ex Malaysian professionals now is less taxes and to bring back two duty free cars. All the other reasons why these professionals immigrated remains unchanged in the country. All their reasons that prompted them to immigrate in the first place remain unchanged and in fact have got even worse.
    As usual Umno thinks money can resolve everything just like when an election or by election comes along. It has worked for the illeterates and their morons with promises of developments plus the cash bribe that goes with it. It may have worked with these illeterates and morons all these years but not with the educated professionals !
    Umno has 53 years to identify and the need to implement these projects and to develop them all these years but why they were left out and overlooked ? And only promised to implement them each time before an election or by election comes along ? Were or are they too busy with their corruptions and asleep ?
    Or may be that is why they are not willing to have the illiterates educated enough to know the difference between a bribe and their children’s future ?

  2. Talent Corp is just an ill-defined name cooked up by those Apco guys or was it a cocked up name in the first place? Those guys must have been watching too many American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent shows. It looks like the government is more into showbiz than anything else that’s more constructive. Well, they deserve what they get as Kid Rock sings in one of the lines in his hit song Only God Knows Why.

    When they continue to permit showmen such as Ibrahim Ali and some others whose reputation can be judged with a pinch of salt, to perform for the gallery, those authentic talents overseas will want to think twice before they decide to come home.

    • the Pilgrims came from Protestant Europe. It’s the potato blight and the clearings that drove the Oirish away, resulting in Mr O’Bama among others.

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