Making asses of Astro

Tun Razak a wild ass?

A blog reader sent in this photo, with this comment:

Just to share something I saw on Astro the past couple of days. Took this pic just today [Monday May 30]. Heads have rolled for lesser offences in newspapers. What say you? The same header was used in the info box for the other luminaries in the series — Sudirman, P. Ramlee and Mokhtar Dahari. Makes you wonder who’s the a** here (oops!)

These days if you get a photo with the wrong angle to a famous face or too much of a famous beehive hairdo, you’ll definitely find yourself in deep doo-doo.


4 thoughts on “Making asses of Astro

  1. Mistake perhaps but our gullible society must also not overly glorify political leaders of past and present which has diseased our political system and ultimately scarred the social harmony of the nation. Government of the People, for the People,

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