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Editors galore for NST oldtimers’ reunion

Wed 2011-Jun-8 @ +08 22:27:08 pm

by uppercaise
More than 60 people are now expected to attend a reunion gathering of New Straits Times journalists later this month. On the tentative guest list are a former journalist turned company director, two former NST group editors, a former Berita Harian group editor, and a former group editor of The Star.

More NST oldtimers are expected to confirm their attendance in the coming week.

The chief editors known to be attending are:

  • Former NST group editor Munir Majid, now chairman of Malaysia Airlines
  • Former NST group editor Hardev Kaur, now an advisor to the prime minister
  • former Berita Harian group editor, Rejal Arbee, also a former editor of the national news agency Bernama
  • former group editor of The Star, Ng Poh Tip, who is one of three former Star executives now advising the South China Morning Post

Many eyes are expected to be on former Sunday Mail editor Ahmad Sebi, who later became a director of NSTP for a term in the late 1980s, and who is now a businessman with interests in several companies.

Ahmad Sebi, a close associate of former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, hit the headlines in 1987 when he was arrested by the Special Branch at the airport when leaving for London and detained for questioning for two weeks during the notorious Operation Lallang crackdown on dissidents and critics of the Mahathir administration. After his release he became active in NST editorial affairs while a director, and has been very low-key ever since, though active in non-media-related business.

Also expected to draw attention will be businesswoman and AIDS activist Marina Mahathir, daughter of the former prime minister; a journalist with the NST in the early 1980s, she now writes a weekly column for The Star.

Other media luminaries expected to attend the reunion are former Malay Mail editors Maurice Khoo, K.C. Boey and Fauzi Omar; former women’s editor Millicent Danker; former prime ministerial aide Tengku Mohamed Tengku Taib; former sports and news editor Tony Francis; former editorial manager Philip Mathews; former production editor P’ng Hong Kwang who was later one of the founders of the Malaysian Insider online newspaper; and others who went on to become senior editorial executives with the Star and the Sun.

Sponsored by an anonymous benefactor, the reunion gathering at Tropicana Golf and Country Club in Petaling Jaya will be held on June 26, three weeks before the paper’s 166th anniversary.

  1. drago permalink
    Sat 2011-Jun-11 @ +08 13:51:53 pm 13:51

    Ex -strange bedfellows under the same roof coming together again for a nostalgic shindig.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2011-Jun-11 @ +08 18:47:23 pm 18:47

      Too true. How much nostalgia remains to be seen.

  2. Ambrose Khaw permalink
    Sat 2011-Jun-11 @ +08 21:36:05 pm 21:36

    I could have been a citizen of Malaysia, having spent a total of 25 years in Malaya/Malaysia, from age seven in S.X.I. Penang — and count many who will be at this reunion as close friends and respected colleagues … I chose to be a Singapore citizen, signing a paper before a Leon Comber (then husband of Han Suyin) and pledging allegiance to Queen E (not LKY) mainly because I learnt early in my life that because I was born in Trang, Thailand, I could not qualify for a Queen’s Scholarship despite two double promotions and topping every class up to December 1941 — so it was prudent to be a citizen of the country in which I was making a living. I hope there will be a lot of back-slapping, group hugging, a little groping perhaps. Nothing wrong with nostalgia. Good luck, chaps, and you, still lovely lasses. ambrose.

    • Sun 2011-Jun-12 @ +08 20:41:23 pm 20:41

      Hi and how are you. I was a cadet reporter first in BH 1963 (joining together with Shiv, John Kam, Charlie Chan, Samad Mahadi for the first journalism project training). In Sept 66 transferred to ST and after four days Felix sent down to JB to open ST’s first office there.
      Don’t know whether yuo still remember me. We always looked up to you.



    • Ambrose Khaw permalink
      Mon 2011-Jun-13 @ +08 09:43:34 am 09:43

      This is why I have fond memories of Malaysia. Of course I do remember Rejal Arbee. “Always looked up to you indeed” .. you looked up to the senior members of a team, Siew Yee, Samad Ismail, Felix and me… I was honoured and privileged to be part of that bigger team that included you and Shivadas and Adibah Amin and Lat, etc. Have a wonderful reunion!! Sad to learn about V.K. Chin.

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