The Reds are turning blue and black on Fridays

Black-collar drones come marching in

The Reds are turning blue and black, with company-issued polo shirts to wear on “Casual Fridays”. That’s quite an apt choice of colour given the emotional turmoil that staff must have suffered from having to consistently produce goody-goody stories that will inspire.

And where the buttoned-up west once referred to factory or industrial workers as blue-collar staff, Menara Star is about to become a haven of black-collar workers.

The polo shirt pictured above is the new uniform for “Casual Fridays”. Staff are being “encouraged” to wear it, a not-so-subtle way of saying it’s near mandatory.

Critics will note the display of the national flag, even though “Casual Friday” is an invention of a buttoned-up and besuited West, longing for release from ties and jackets, and of dubious merit in the steamy, humid tropics, where sensible people opt for loose cotton tops every day.

Critics will also note the display of party loyalty in the choice of colour. Dark blue is the background colour of both the Barisan Nasional and the MCA, which owns the paper. “Casual Friday” is turning into a day to show the flag and kowtow.

Now that will really inspire them.


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