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Govt blocks 10 warez, movie, pRoN sites

Fri 2011-Jun-10 @ +08 16:45:49 pm

» 10 movie download sites to be blocked
The Star reports that 10 sites, mainly those which allow movie downloads, will be blocked on instructions by MCMC, the Internet regulator, to all Internet providers. The action is being taken at the urging of the Domestic Trade ministry, for reasons of copyright infringement. The sites said to be on the list are:

A letter said to be from MCMC ordering a block on the 10 sites
Source: Malaysian Wireless

Unconfirmed: Malaysian authorities are believed to be moving to block off major Internet download sites, mainly those which list huge numbers of music records, movies, software, games and pornography. These download sites, such as The Pirate Bay (the most well-known and most popular) do not themselves store the files. Instead, users share the files using peer-to-peer Torrent software, where everyone downloads the files in pieces from other users all around in the world and, at the same time, allow others to fetch pieces of the files from their computer.

The government, acting through the Domestic Trade Ministry, has issued to all Malaysian Internet providers a list of sites to be blocked. It is not immediately known which sites are on the list.
Details are expected to be made public soon.

  1. Mon 2011-Jun-13 @ +08 16:12:54 pm 16:12

    Blocking means nothing. Just a proxy then the site is easily accessed.
    Why waste money and effort on this?

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Tue 2011-Jun-14 @ +08 04:18:38 am 04:18

      To show American movie and record companies that the Malaysian government is looking after their interests. In return for which, seek some kind of American concession, perhaps. For example, an official visit to the White House?

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