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Why bother to teach English at all?

Sun 2011-Jun-12 @ +08 12:08:57 pm

The Star might as well stop pretending it is an English-language newspaper. This abomination of a headline is just the most recent of a whole string of occasions when the Star has mangled the language to force itself to the fore. It’s not news English, it’s marketing English. It’s not even English, it’s Chinese.

They changed it. But will it last?

Don’t count on it. Those abominations (top) survive in copy. Time and time again. Advertising salesmen decide these things nowadays. They speak Chinese English. And they believe logotypes must be pronounced and words turned into logotypes. The days when journalists decided on language, or even news, in a Malaysian newspaper (particularly at The Star) are long over. Of course, that’s assuming the journalists had a grasp of language in the first place.

Memo to Syed Nadzri: Time for another column on Michael Chen’s views of a good read. Maybe they missed it the first time.

  1. Sickening permalink
    Sun 2011-Jun-12 @ +08 16:08:18 pm 16:08

    We no spook good inggeris so pleased forgiven we.I rich becost conection not i study hard.In ours country no needs good inggeris also can very rich if you knows whos.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sun 2011-Jun-12 @ +08 19:31:39 pm 19:31

      u berry berry crever one la. got jalan or not? share share liddle bit, can sub con or not? inggeris pipples u give liddle beat kautim oredi. yes or not?

    • Ambrose Khaw permalink
      Mon 2011-Jun-13 @ +08 13:44:39 pm 13:44

      Comment from Singlishland: My first thought about The Star’s headline — nitpicking lah, but subsequent correction shows at least someone in the newsroom was not semi-literate. South of Causeway, we have: “What for go there, give mosquito bite only.” Perfectly good Chinese syntax, speaker thinks in Chinese and inserts English words into sentence; also I was told: “I and friend go Sentosa walk walk, see see.” — so we have regular “Speak Good English” national campaigns, to no avail as long as people think in Chinese. Malay and Indian Singaporeans don’t have this problem unless they are infected by Chinese Singlish-speaking hordes.

      On national TV yesterday, repeated for the umpteenth time uncorrected: “… one of Southeast Asia’s econimic powerhouse…” Also: “… one of the best show…” Both speakers (and TV scripwriters) think that because the sentences start with “one” the correct plural “powerhouses” and “shows” must be wrong! As Henry Higgings says: “All this is painful to the ears.” — A.K.

    • Tue 2011-Jun-14 @ +08 04:10:35 am 04:10

      Mr Khaw has completely missed the point of what was posted. He appears to be merely angling for another contract, and using this blog to advertise himself.

  2. Sun 2011-Jun-12 @ +08 17:44:06 pm 17:44

    The whole idea behind this is to ensure that the majority Malaysians will remain illiterate so that Umno will continue to be able to buy their votes when an election comes.
    The present regime knows very well a population of well educated would have kicked the corrupted morons out long ago, isn’t that a good enough reason and above all that is why Malaysia still remains in the third world when an ex partner across the causeway is going full steam in every survey and has billions in reserve when Malaysia, with so many natural resources is in deficit.

  3. Sun 2011-Jun-12 @ +08 18:52:11 pm 18:52

    This is the pathetic stage we have reached, once we were respected and among the top English speaking nation in the 70’s in other nations around us are slowing but surely overtaking us in speaking better English then us. The bn regime is wanting to stay in power have opted to sacrifice the English language..while the umno minister ensure their children gets educated oversea and have good grasp of the international language, the bn regime at home had ensure the local malays remains backward and incapable by emphasizing on the Malay language while paying less attention on the English language. While Bahasa malaysia is important here, at international level , English is use. Our people will be lossing out to other nations in this aspect.

  4. charlie chan permalink
    Tue 2011-Jun-21 @ +08 20:31:30 pm 20:31

    who destroyed the economy, the education system in this nation? when did the declined start- after 1969, the NEP was formulated n in 1970 , the implementation began, bahasa malaysia replaced ENglish n all my lecturers from University malaya began to leave as they just cant change to BM so fast. so BN – alliance – leaders from this party are totally responsible for the decay n the current sad state of affairs in malaysia today, self n party interests override national interests, our neighbors are more pragmatic n progress by leaps n bounds to a first world status but our leaders are trapped in the cave mindset, this is a reality today- a failed state n a nation divided n in crisis

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