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Of snoops, spooks, sneaks and snakes

Thu 2011-Jun-16 @ +08 06:04:48 am

comment by uppercaise
Since starting this blog two years ago, “uppercaise” has been under constant attack in various subtle ways. One common factor: emails or phone calls supposedly from friends, friendly parties or relatives, offering virtual tea and sympathy.

In the first few months after the blog was started, emails circulated among a group of various people, many journalists among them, speculating on the identity of the one behind this blog. An approach was made by email. It became quite apparent that the person writing was not the person named and was most likely an official. Subsequently it transpired that there was a challenge among themselves, to unmask the writer. Purely for amusement, you understand. For the bragging rights and damn the consequences.

In the past two months has come a new round of attacks, coinciding with the Star’s rebranding, Rocky Bru’s departure from Redberry, the holding of a bloggers’ conference, announcement of new National Press Club awards, the NST reunion, VK Chin’s death, press freedom month and press freedom forums, Hata Wahari’s resignation, and other media events.

There has been the deliberate creation of a sense of deja vu. NST people, particularly, will recognise that term, it was bandied about pointedly and knowingly two years ago in relation to other peculiar events at Balai Berita.

In 2009 also, similar attacks had taken place and a similar series of emails exchanged with persons who emerged, not coincidentally, within days of each other, whose only concern seemed to be the unmasking of the writer or writers behind this blog.

Recreating old emails does not require great skill. Resurrecting a so-called “old friend” via email is the work of a moment. Recreating Facebook and other such real-time events does require a little more skill and a little access.

Rocky may have hinted at this last month when he said, quite innocuously, “wait for June”. Whether it was the month or a person is a matter of conjecture. The month arrived, his departure from Redberry took place, so did the bloggers’ conference and announcement of NPC awards. Again, an email arrived asking about one such award, although it should be quite apparent that this blog is in no way related to the NPC.

That is not to imply that Rocky is behind these attacks, some of which began even before there was Internet access. But rumours abound about Rocky’s pool of cybertrooper bloggers feeeding off an Umno slush fund. And then there is the Singapore connection with the resurrection of posted self-serving notes by an old journalist busily advertising himself in the comments section.

All these events, only a few of which have been mentioned require skills to easily manipulate the Internet, and pull off identity theft. They seek to extract maximum damage.

These are pigs at work, with apologies to four-legged porcines. You can find many such despicable creatures in the bowels of Bukit Aman or Mindef and in all the various shady dives where snoops, spooks and sneaks congregrate with hearty cheer, their media hangers-on and media coolies in tow. They are pigs, though some are really snakes, of a mahamamak sub-species.

Talking of spooks, SIS is recruiting, according to a recent Facebook posting. They specialise in pigs of the vilest sort. Plenty of pickings to be found from the dregs of Malaysian media and their cohort, assuredly.

  1. orangkampung permalink
    Thu 2011-Jun-16 @ +08 18:33:19 pm 18:33


    do you reveal yourself to these pigs? they do not value-add to the quality of your life.

    keep them guessing…..string these pigs along….

    wish you well….


    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2011-Jun-16 @ +08 18:48:12 pm 18:48

      thank you for your good wishes. because i blog anonymously some of the pigs are in fact people i know in real life, happy to do pig’s work because they cannot be confronted. such is the nature of friendship among some journalists.

  2. uppercaise permalink*
    Fri 2011-Jun-17 @ +08 14:33:18 pm 14:33

    being under constant surveillance cramps one’s lifestyle, the choices being few and none. the more vicious minded of the journalistic so-called fraternity takes great advantage of that.

  3. tigakupoang permalink
    Mon 2011-Jun-20 @ +08 23:58:47 pm 23:58

    pigs everywhere, not just in the media fraternity. of course the easiest way is to slaughter them just like what we do the four-legged variety, and throw the carcasses to the crocodiles. but their number is huge. so tell me, mr/ms uppercaise, how do we deal with them?

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Tue 2011-Jun-21 @ +08 10:06:51 am 10:06

      depends on individual circumstances, so it’s difficult to say. in my own case the government and/or others are attempting identify theft.

  4. Bart permalink
    Tue 2011-Jun-28 @ +08 14:50:52 pm 14:50

    Snoops and snakes reminds me of Ian Pereira, Brendan Pereira’s uncle. Any idea what happened to him? I have not stepped into Balai Berita for 10-odd years.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2011-Jun-30 @ +08 00:02:18 am 00:02

      Ian Pereira contributes to the Malay Mail.

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