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Bragging room for NST oldtimers

Fri 2011-Jun-17 @ +08 02:41:19 am

Caution: Myth-making in progress…


Shovelling a load…

NST oldtimers gathering for a reunion next week plan to start a blog in which to showcase their memories and reminiscences. These old “war stories” will be compiled for a coffee-table book to be published later and will feature “icons of Malaysian journalism” according to a note sent to a group of NST oldtimers on Facebook. These “icons” will include Felix Abisheganaden, David Tambyah, Dahari Ali, Leslie Hoffman, Lee Siew Yee, A Samad Ismail and Noordin Sopiee, among others.

It is not known when the blog will be opened, but Malaysian internet users, who have an appetite for inside stories, will certainly flock to the site to read about the heroic exploits of old Malaysian journalism. Quite a few huge egos are about to be massaged, as reporters and editors bend the old rule not to become the story. Now they are the story and while most will try to conduct themselves with the same professionalism they approached news stories, not a few will relish the spotlight, with glee.

No doubt there’ll be a few tall tales, like the one about the reporter who flung a typewriter through the editor’s glass window. And beyond doubt there will be a good deal of accounts in the pattern of “I was the one who…” and “I was there when…” and “Did you know that…”

Stand by for some massive bragging.

  1. dahi ketiak permalink
    Fri 2011-Jun-17 @ +08 10:06:22 am 10:06

    And what did all these so-called icons do for freedom of the press? Tarak lansung, and hav been richly rewarded for their cowardice. I have lived through the times of these ball carriers of Malaysian journalism and the mainstream media we have today is a by-product of their unprofessionalism. Shame on them for allowing themselves for being tools of the gomen. Those who were sick of the bodek journalism in the MSM have long left the industry, and as you may already know, many have gone overseas.
    Thank god for the new media, at least we are an alternative to the gomen propaganda regurgitated by the MSM.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Fri 2011-Jun-17 @ +08 11:35:20 am 11:35

      It is precisely because of feelings like these that this book is coming about. To glorify the past when journalism was supposedly great.

  2. Fri 2011-Jun-17 @ +08 10:24:28 am 10:24

    FADING SLOWLY – 170611

    like soldiers old journalists don’t die
    But slowly from the scenes fade away
    In their old age there’ll be less reasons to lie
    In their story telling without sway

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Fri.17th Jun.2011.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Fri 2011-Jun-17 @ +08 11:33:45 am 11:33

      “less reason to lie” ? You must be joking! There are big egos involved here and a lot of chest thumping (to put it politely) will be going on. This is going to be a big coffee table book, a final chance to show off to the world how great they were or think they were. Dick-wielding contests among journos never dies.

  3. drago permalink
    Fri 2011-Jun-17 @ +08 23:03:43 pm 23:03

    Some of them are already in the Big Press Club in the Sky such as Lee Siew Yee, David Tambyah, Dr Noordin Sopiee, A. Samad Ismaiil. I’m not sure about Leslie Hoffman and Felix Abisheganaden or even Dahari Ali. So who’s gonna write for them and would all those writings be believable?

    I’m truly surprised by all these recent hullabaloo and those smart alecs who plan to pen these ‘masterpieces’ of yesterday’s wine. Let them show their hands and then we can exchange ideas and views. LMAO.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2011-Jun-18 @ +08 00:18:32 am 00:18

      Leslie Hoffman, editor-in-chief of the old Straits Times, died in Australia in the 1980s. Pakcik Dahari, news editor after the Fleet takeover, died in the late 1970s. Felix Abishegenaden, news editor of the old and New Straits Times, died in 2007. I’m not sure there was any hullabaloo unless you mean a couple of postings on this blog (and few really read this anyway). I don’t know what their plans are for the book, I haven’t asked.


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