Old colonial among NST oldtimers

More than 100 former New Straits Times editorial staff, including four pairs of husband-and-wife NST journalists, are attending Sunday’s reunion gathering, bringing together those who served on the paper in the 1960s and 1970s.

The couples on the guest list, posted at Facebook, are K.C. Boey and Hannah Abisheganaden; Ho Sai Kong and Louise Tay; Johan Fernandez and Hanim Melan; and Lee Boon Siew and Ann Teoh.

Peter Moss puts an arm around author Simon Winchester

The most senior of all is probably Peter Moss, 76, a Malay Mail reporter 1957-1965. He may find a familiar face in Ben D’Cunha, one of his contemporaries. Peter moved to Hong Kong and served in the colonial administration, retiring as head of information services. Since then he has published five novels and an autobiographical trilogy.

He now lives in a kampung house in Ijok, Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, but also spends time in Hong Kong.

Another oldtimer who had been at large, mistakenly presumed missing, is Rudy Beltran, who will be reunited with his crime reporters Lat, Najib Rahman and Johan Fernandez.

Although the group comprises mainly Straits Times and New Straits Times reporters, photographers and editors, there will be a sprinkling of those from the other papers in the group, including the vivacious Azizah Dahlan, then of Berita Harian, and Foong Peto, editor of Her World, the former personnel manager C. Thavaneswaran, and Vincent Ong of the editorial library.

The group also includes a number of journalists of The Star and The Sun: among them, Zainon Ahmad and Shoba Devan (Sun); C.H. Loh, George Das, Ho Sai Kong, Johan Fernandez, M Krishnamoorthy, Ng Poh Tip, P Gunasegaram, R Velu, Robert Ho, Soo Ewe Jin, and Thomas Lee (Star).

Soo Ewe Jin’s name was misspelled as See Ewe Jin earlier

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