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A clash of red and yellow at the Sun

Sat 2011-Jul-2 @ +08 19:10:29 pm

The law of unintended consequences sometimes makes fools of all our efforts. Or perhaps it’s the gods reminding us of our puny state. Whichever it was, the web site of the Sun (recently the subject of a much-needed make-over) sent out mixed signals with a curious juxtaposition of house ads and copy.

The promo for the Sun’s electronic edition, with its image of the paper’s front page, featured red as the dominant colour at a time when Bersih 2.0 and its choice of yellow has been under ferocious attack. The pro-Umno-BN and anti-rally forces have chosen red, which is also Umno’s party colour.

Underneath the promo was the running public service house ad for the Sun’s road safety campaign. It features, of course, a warning about obeying traffic lights. “Red means Stop”, it says. Accompanying it, a Sun slogan on a yellow background.

And nearby on the web page is this headline from the Sun’s editorial: “Policies must demonstrate fair play”.

It’s certainly a demonstration of something. I’m still not quite sure what, exactly. But that’s what happens when circumstances bring random bits of copy into a form of order. God doesn’t play dice with the universe? In this case, you could have fooled me.

This was what the Sun’s full web page looked like:


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