Does this govt stand for honesty or for corruption?

by uppercaise

Why is the Barisan Nasional so frightened of what Bersih wants? The eight Bersih demands are not extreme, not unreasonable, not subversive, not communist, not treasonable, not rebellious.

They are reasonable demands. They are based on the fact that every citizen has a right to a decent, honest, respectable government that respects the citizen.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong himself, who represents the country as a whole and all the citizens, has received Bersih leaders with royal grace, listening to the concerns of the citizens. Tuanku Mizan has once again, as he did in 2008, sought to move the monarchy out of the dirty morass that the dirty goons of Umno-Barisan Nasional have dug.

Where the King showed royal grace, the Umno-BN machine and its paid goon squads, on the streets and on the Internet, have only insults and bullying and disrespect for the concerns of the citizens.

The police force shows disrespect for its “royal” title, by showing only force and insults the peaceful intentions of the citizens by bringing out fanciful talk of violence, of chaos, of Molotov cocktails.

There is nothing “royal” about this organisation called the PDRM, there is only force.

Who can have respect for these thugs in blue who show no respect for the citizens but grovel at the feet of the powerful and the rich by inventing stories of subversion, of communists, of external threats, of violence?

Who can have respect for a military which now parades in unison with the so-called “royal” force of repression, similarly showing a willingness to turn against peaceful citizens who want an honest government.

Do the police and the military want an honest government or a corrupt one?

Does the Barisan Nasional want to provide the citizens with an honest government or with a corrupt one?

Where do the security forces stand? Where do civil servants stand? Where do the judges and lawyers stand? Where do the teachers stand? Where do the journalists stand?

On the side of honesty and respect? Or on the side of big money, corruption and filth?

Bersih’s eight demands

  1. Clean the electoral roll
  2. The electoral roll is marred with irregularities … implement an automated voter registration system upon eligibility to reduce irregularities.

  3. Reform postal ballot
  4. Open for all Malaysian citizens living abroad, those within the country who cannot be in their constituency on polling day. Police, military and civil servants vote normally like other voters.

  5. Use indelible ink
  6. It is a simple, affordable and effective solution in preventing voter fraud.

  7. Minimum 21 days campaign period
  8. A longer campaign period would allow voters more time to gather information and deliberate on their choices.

  9. Free and fair access to media
  10. It is no secret that the Malaysian mainstream media fails to practice proportionate, fair and objective reporting for political parties of all divide. BERSIH 2.0 calls on the EC to press for all media agencies, especially state-funded media agencies such as Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM) and Bernama to allocate proportionate and objective coverage for all political parties.

  11. Strengthen public institutions
  12. Public institutions such as the Judiciary, Attorney-General, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), Police and the EC must be reformed to act independently, uphold laws and protect human rights.

  13. Stop corruption
  14. End all forms of corruption. Serious action against ALL allegations of corruption, including vote buying.

  15. Stop dirty politics
  16. All political parties and politicians to end gutter politics…citizens and voters are interested in policies that affect the nation.
    Condensed from Bersih 2.0
    BERSIH secretariat


One thought on “Does this govt stand for honesty or for corruption?

  1. Regrettably, The BN government has failed misearably in all these. Our Monarch has been stripped of his powers. His love for the Nation has been bulldozed by BN, PDRM. What is noble to The Global Community is now “Dirty” in their eyes. God Saves Malaysia.

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