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At the Bersih rally [Photos]

Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 14:33:16 pm

Photos: Premesh Chandran [MalaysiaKini]

Tear gas at Pudu Raya

Photo: Jonson Chong


  1. Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 15:21:00 pm 15:21

    Bersih 2.0 are no better then the current Government. They are lead by people who backed by Freemason and Illuminati and so as current leaders of our Government… So why waste time making them stronger. Soon they will turn our nation upside down. I call upon Islamic community to refrain from supporting them. Allah SWT will tun his back on you as long as you follow the whim fancies of this Munafiqun and Kafir. Fata Ta Tamimi will oust them soon with the power of Allah SWT and the jemaah Islam locally soon.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 16:43:54 pm 16:43

      Bersih 2.0 is not a government. They are f oppressed, seeking to end oppression from idiots like you.

  2. max permalink
    Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 16:15:07 pm 16:15

    Yes awmosapesysh, U & me, we both support KOTOR UMNO!! Yeah yeah

  3. vasantha permalink
    Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 16:48:25 pm 16:48

    A very sad day indeed for Malaysia. Our leaders clearly indicated that something is amiss in our country. Why this unnatural and preposterous fear of a group of citizens assembling to give their view.Are we on the brink of a people’s revolution1. Maybe it is time for us all to make a stand and demand for transparency from our leaders.

  4. iskandar permalink
    Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 18:44:04 pm 18:44

    This has nothing to do with religion you fool, awmosapesysh! Mere ignorant on your part to even know the diffrence of human rights and religion. If u r God fearing and as pious as you potray yourself to be than i suggest it is best you pray for peace among fellow humans disregarding their colour, race and religion. That is being a good Muslim!

  5. Sun 2011-Jul-10 @ +08 15:12:24 pm 15:12

    well said iskandar……..

  6. Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 05:49:47 am 05:49

    The Government should take notice seriously and allow the Rakyat to voice their views.

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