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Tear gas at Tung Shin maternity hospital [Photo]

Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 16:18:38 pm

» See also Tung Shin tear gas (updated) for more

  1. Carrie Ooi permalink
    Sat 2011-Jul-9 @ +08 19:58:45 pm 19:58

    This is the stupidest strategy to be deployed by the coalition government. They only make people hate them more!!!

  2. Charlie Oscar permalink
    Sun 2011-Jul-10 @ +08 01:47:25 am 01:47

    Don’t you have a better picture to prove your case?
    There are so many “idiots” standing by and having fun watching the tear gas by the road side in front of the Tung Shin Hospital.
    Are you saying that the Police fired tear gases into the maternity wards?

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sun 2011-Jul-10 @ +08 09:12:20 am 09:12

      only policemen (ptuii) and paid umno-barisan propagandists like lim kok wing and others (ptuii) have the time to go look for specific “pictures to prove their case”. this blog doesn’t do propaganda. at 4pm on saturday, that picture was the first one available. if you have better pictures send them to me.

  3. Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 01:32:25 am 01:32

    The brutality of the Malaysian Police action against the unarmed Malaysians in the Rally has caused the lost of credibility of the Malaysian Government (UMNO-BN). That animal-like brutality before and during the Rally showed the low mentality of the government leaders, particularly PM and PDRM. We hope that the government must listen to the wishes of the people for changes in SPR so that there is no more Bersih rally in future.

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