The New Police Times cracks down as well

Where does the NST stand on major issues?

Firmly by the side of whoever’s got the whip

Even before the first canister was fired or the first baton thumped on a wary head, or an SB boot thudded into a chest or a kneee, you knew where the NST stood. By the side, cheering them on, of course.

Long before the action began, the blurb proclaimed it:

July 9 crackdown

It has been ordained that the day’s story is about a cracking down, and not about people who are about to be cracked upon.

The sick man of Balai Berita (the paper with the lowest circulation) was all fired up for July 9’s showdown between the people and the power. And the NST came firmly down on the side of power by reporting the day’s events live — from the police point of view, of course.

This way to the grandstand, please, for a view of how to carry out a crackdown.

They also used the opportunity for a few digs at the Star, which doesn’t use the Cover-It-Live app for occasions like these.

Interspersed between solid reporting of nice tame police in action were pictures of violent demonstrators, a long quotation from a slightly nervous Chinese tourist praising democracy in action, the usual photos of foreign tourists being inconvenienced, and the usual reports of businesses closed for the day.

Once in a way came the odd comment from readers. Quite a few praised the NST for its live reporting. Quite a few said they would now drop the Star in favour of the NST. (I didn’t know policemen knew how to read, frankly, even more astonishing, apparently they can read English.)

These comments surprisingly found their way in, even as the NST was apologising for not being able to update readers’ comments because of the fast-moving action.

The next time you want to know how your tax ringgit is at work beating you over the head, you know which paper to read. Let’s hear it for the PDRM, the Home Ministry and the Special Branch.

All together now: Ptuuiiii.


6 thoughts on “The New Police Times cracks down as well

  1. NST has disgraced its illustrious heritage. I stopped reading it a long time ago. Maybe its time the editors revisit the French Revolution. Repression has proved that it is the fertile soil which has given growth to many a successful uprising.

  2. NST is no longer a paper. It has become a dirty and abused rag gang-raped and sodomised repeatedly by shameless Umno goons masquerading as journalists. The only reason why it is still surviving despite declining readership is because Umno needs a paper to spin its gospel of lies.

  3. nstman, I know you’re angry but there is no need to be vulgar. One should try not to debase oneself even when surrounded by very base characters. Gold covered in shit is still gold; it shouldn’t turn to shit.
    That being said, I too am mortified. We can see what happened, and then to told that what we saw is not true. We are then told that we actually saw something else. I was a very strong BN supporter (until recently) but even I could not bring myself to believe the non-truths uttered by the MSM and our leaders. Now I am in despair for our country and our children who are going to inherit this beautiful country. What will we leave to them? A country with no moral foundation? A country where the ends justify the means? A country where our leaders say one thing but actually mean the direct opposite? A country where people are willing to sell their souls for money and promotion?
    I fear for our country. I am in despair.

  4. These newspapers do not want fair and clean election just like Umno youth and Perkasa as it would mean the end of the road for them. That was why they were out to prevent anything that is fair and free with what they call counter rally.
    How can there be smoke without fire ? The people and the organizers of the rally just wanted to air their frustrations but typical of your kind to try to initiate a counter rally.
    It was not to be a political rally and how stupid you and Abrahim Ali were to allow the opposition to hijack the purpose of the rally.

    KJ, your parents had thrown pearls amongst the swine when they sent you to Oxford.
    Nevertheless what happened yesterday was only the beginning the people are awaken and may be Najib, all the half breeds in Umno and their lackeys the IGP, AG, CJ just to name a few should start looking for a place to hide. The people are coming to take back Malaysia their homes and make it a better place to live
    and one thing for sure there is no more room for thrash like you !

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