Aunty Anne, lady of liberty

Why do we have to feel so scared (and threatened) in our own home land.. and by own countrymen?

Aunty Anne (Ann Ooi, 65, formerly a teacher in Penang) is the mother of entertainment personality Elaine Pedley.

Photos: Hugo Teng

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An encounter with Aunty Anne at Bersih

By Charlotte Hew
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By: Charlotte Hew
BERSIH 2.0 (9 July 2011). Our Walk for Democracy.

Anne, from Setapak, took a bus ride down to KL, ALONE, in support of the rally. She was stopped 4 times, being asked her IC, and questioned by the police on why she’s wearing yellow. “why can’t I wear yellow?” was her reply. she didn’t know what time the rally was scheduled to start, she didn’t know where, she has no one with her; all she knew was to get down to KL, and stand for what she believes in.

the first thing she asked when she sat on our table, “what are you guys doing here?”

Anne teaches English in government schools for about 35 years (if i remember correctly). but her passion is really singing and dancing; and what she values most in her life now is freedom.

Anne has rallied in bersih 2007. she was disappointed as to why no one else was wearing yellow that day. we said chill lah.. that’s cuz if we do, we’d be stopped by the cops even before we get the chance to enter KL. “it’s so sad.. it’s so sad that the police are treating our rakyats like these.”

“When you come to rallies, there’s a spirit of unity… something i cannot describe… when everyone is united for a cause. you don’t even get this sort of unity in church.”

She left me with a question that still resides in my heart. now may i impose on you to think about it. “Why do we have to feel so scared (and threatened) in our own home land.. and by own countrymen?”

Unity in spirit, strength in numbers. Imagine Malaysia in our fullest potential only if we stand together as one.


19 thoughts on “Aunty Anne, lady of liberty

  1. I applaud Aunty Anne for her courage and not feeling scared for what she believes in. We should not be scared in our own country and should have our rights listened to. Good governance is about listening. Our so called leaders do not have ears to listen to the people of Malaysia. This is just the beginning of the wave which will turn into a tsunami. The people of Malaysia need to keep up the momentum and pressure on this rudderless government. Unite and i am sure that reformation will happen. I only hope that this process is peaceful.

  2. oh this anne ah! i know her. used to be from our church (penang). didn’t know elaine pedley is her daugther but i know her son, glen pedley.

    as to her question – yes, we all wonder why.

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  4. The next time, I decide to attend a BERSIH rally. I will remember her words. “Why do we have to feel so scared (and threatened) in our own home land.. and by own countrymen?”
    Three cheers to Aunty Ann!

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  6. Intimidation, scare tactics and ruthless brutality by the authorities controlled by the present government just ’cause they don’t like what the ordinary citizens of Malaysia have to say about them.

    By disclosing their ignorant and arrogant total disrespect for the truth and so the government ordered the deployment of various police and FRU’s to “silence” the crowds of BERSIH supporters … and to think someone with a Yellow t-shirt could promote a Riot!!???!

    I’d say that that UMNO and it’s other affiliated groups are nothing more than bunch of losers and cowards!!

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  9. I’m from Spore and a Malay Sporean by birth..

    I’m following Malaysia’s political developments with interest and I must say Malaysians people are one plucky brave courageous lot.

    Its so heartwarming to see pics of the Bersih rally consisting Malaysians of different races, and faiths all coming together united as One.

    And I felt so touched reading about the bravery and courage of Auntie Anne.

    My salute to her and to all brave Malaysians who stood side by side with each other against the cowardly tactics of the Malaysian Police.

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  11. In response to another posting on this LADY OF LIBERTY I had suggested that we decorate such a person of passion into a millionaire at each and every BERSIH outing we organize. For this BERSIH 2.0 M/s Ooi appears to be the consensus, by popular choice. Am prepared to start the ball rolling by contributing Rm 100.00 if BERSIH can set up a secure collection procedure for the beneficiary. ALIAS DASUKI 14/07/2011.

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