Boos for press coverage of Bersih

The shameless partisan tone of coverage in Umno and MCA controlled newspapers received brickbats from online commentators; the Malaysian Insider’s headline “Print media attacks Bersih, praises cops” on Shannon Teoh’s report summed up the pro-police line by the press (on instructions from the top needless to say).

Yesterday we carried a critique here of the propagandistic and heavily pro-police tone of NST live reporting from the rally; in a self-serving report this morning, the NST had a response of sorts: two paragraphs crowing about 18,000 views of its live reporting. Not something to boast about: Malaysia Today, essentially a blog, can get as much as 30,000 to 50,000 page views on hot topics. A photograph of Elaine Pedley’s mum at the rally attracted 15,000 page views to take just one example.

from Shannon Teoh’s report:
• Utusan Malaysia front-paged the 1,401 arrests under the headline “Police efforts succeed.”

• Berita Harian and New Straits Times slammed the electoral reform movement for bringing chaos to the city.

• New Sunday Times front-paged a picture of a protestor in the act of throwing an object with the headline “Peaceful?”

• NSunT op-ed page accused the [Bersih] coalition of 62 NGOs of “wrecking the weekend”

• The Star (MCA) lamented in an editorial that “if every complaint [goes] to the streets, bringing a city to a standstill, people would not be getting much work done”.

However, Wong Chun Wai’s column in the Star this morning earned some plaudits from Twitterers for being fair.

Online views, in some Tweets on Sunday morning:


5 thoughts on “Boos for press coverage of Bersih

  1. Do these msm papers know that the increase in visits was due to people like me just checking out how they are reporting about the rally and see what lies they are coming with?

  2. bersih is dirty. the media is damn clean due to its top spinners, sand theft in johor is clean, corruption by the billions as in pkfz is very clean, millions of illegals here in our nation are also clean, bn is bersihkan negara, welcome to clean nation

  3. For a few dollars more all our MSM editors will write shameless bluff articles, nevermind how badly it will taint our country’s image.They just dont give a damn about the nation as long as the power-be reward them with titles,big cars,fat salaries,overseas trips……these are the real pengkhinat Pekasa was seeking.

  4. Some media personalities confided in me that the msm have no choice. They do get directives from certain government sources pertaining to the news and news slant that they should proceed with for the day or occasion. They have to toe the line or ‘no newspaper’. They have also to think of the thousands of employees who will be jobless if they’re to be closed down. Of course Utusan is a different case. UMNO is also their employer and so, as one journalist laughing told me, the Wawasan Merdeka, UMNO’s party magazine has a twin tabloid; and, its name is Utusan.

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