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Tung Shin tear gas: Are police chiefs lying?

Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 10:00:00 am

The Malaysian police have kept up denials that tear gas was shot into Tung Shin maternity hospital in Jalan Pudu, KL, during Saturday’s Bersih rally. Their denials fly in the face of reports from participants at the scene who Tweeted their first-hand experiences » See Tung Shin tear gas (updated, new photos)

Can we assume, then, that the IGP and the Kuala Lumpur CPO are both lying?

An amateur video (above) shot from inside Tung Shin Maternity Hospital, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 9 July as Bersih rally-goers ran into the compound, away from the massed ranks of FRU and police.

This still (above) showing a tear gas canister on the car park road inside the Tung Shin compound is from another amateur video (below) taken as rally-goers ran inside the hospital for shelter.

MalaysiaKini reports that Tung Shin hospital staff confirmed that tear gas was indeed fired into the compound several times. They also said that the rally-goers were peaceful, respectful of the fact that they were in a hospital, and that no damage was caused. » ‘Hospital hit by water cannon spray, tear gas’

» Tung Shin tear gas (updated, new photos)

  1. Goondu permalink
    Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 10:52:46 am 10:52

    Najib saying that UMNO has millions of followers and “if we order they can do anything” is intimidation and threatening of violence. In any developed country he could have been charged in court for issuing such threats and inciting violence against political demonstrations. Civil Society should take it up, see if court system works or not.

  2. Bgrace permalink
    Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 11:25:11 am 11:25

    This needs to be investigated properly and I don’t think it is too difficult to do. If it is true, then the Malaysian police needs to answer and provide an official apology.

  3. Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 13:02:33 pm 13:02

    This is what the quarter cooked Malaysian police is good for, telling lies other than what they are good for and at. Malaysia will surely be a better place to live in without them.

  4. ALLEN LOPEZ permalink
    Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 13:20:01 pm 13:20

    Of course tear-gas was fired into the compound. One cannister landed about 5 feet from where I was when I was in the compound.

  5. Sam permalink
    Mon 2011-Jul-11 @ +08 13:55:16 pm 13:55

    I am wondering… what would it take to haul the person(s) in charge of the Bersih 2.0 lockdown operations (Home Minister? IGP? Commander on the ground? to the ICJ at the Hague for crimes against humanity. I hope it should not be when thousands die like in Bosnia/Serbia or the massacres in Rwanda. If the police can use EO as a preventive measure, would hauling these “people” up to ICJ be considered as preventive?

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