Ibrahim Ali (mass com grad) lectures journalists

Jangan you ingat oh seronok seronok nak ambil gambar…you pun nak ambil gambar, jangan seronok seronok…eh you MalaysiaKini ya!…you-u-u kena buat macam berita berita lain jangan you main baling…you shoot everything A to Z… pikir la bila saya kadang kadang bercakap mana… kalau kita… you know I’m a mass comm graduate tau… I’m also a journalist… and I’ve been to School of Freedom di Germany for few months… learning about propaganda, all this kind of thing ah… tapi being a responsible reporter ke wartawan kita tau la mana kita nak siar…

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16 thoughts on “Ibrahim Ali (mass com grad) lectures journalists

  1. Uppercaise,

    I cringe at the look of this “walking excrement”.

    I learn these 2 words from reading some articles on your blog a while back. And, these 2 words indeed describe him perfectly.

    Please do not give such excrement airtime on your blog….which is clean and respectable.

    Have a good week ahead and look after yourself.


    • Even Ibrahim Ali deserves airtime if it is useful for the people at large to know. His remarks and his attitude to the press is revealing, especially given what kind of coverage we have seen. His other remarks on politics and “defending the Malay race” as something else altogether. Embarrassing is too lenient a word.

  2. Can all media (MSM & online) PLEASE STOP airing or interviewing this stupid? Tell me what can we learn from such idiot who enjoy disrespectfully calling others all kinds of unholy,vulgar,barbaric names BUT addressed themselves arrogantly as great warrior,panglima,pahlawan,wira negara,defender of islam,defender of royalty.NO ONE IN MANKIND HISTORY HAD EVER BEHAVED SUCH.Can you editors please write something or someone who will add value to Malaysia Inc. so that we Malaysians wont be called stupid overseas?

    • All that you’ve mentioned is *exactly* why we should shine the light of day on such idiots. This shows that Ibrahim’s attitude isn’t a subjective matter of opinion. The video exposes him for who/what he really is — an egotistical bigot. Were there no such evidence of his self-serving attitude, then it becomes much more difficult for anyone to see him for what he really is.

      BTW, for a self-proclaimed “mass comm graduate”, he can’t seem to deliver a coherent sentence or message — I wonder what “kopitiam” school he graduated from? And what “school of freedom” in Germany? Can’t find it on the ‘Net. Of course, Ibrahim’s definition of a “responsible reporter” means one should selectively pick and choose what to air… and maybe take things out of context? Does that sound familiar about the regular media news leading to the Bersih rally? What was it that Ibrahim said about propaganda again? Yes, Ibrahim, reporters are expected to record everything from “A to Z”. It’s called true journalism. Funny, you didn’t know that…for a journalist.

  3. I was there on saturday looking out for this bloody coward and big mouth Abrahim Ali but he was no where to be found. May be I should have gone to his house and would have found him there with his ration. Empty ballon makes the most noise, bastard !

  4. My first impression of Ibrahim Ali -Typical arrogant, uneducated moron trying to make a name for himself. My 2nd impression after watching the whole video, calling him a moron is an understatement.

  5. A few months in Germany and he’s a journalist!!! Clap, clap, clap. very clever journalist, baruah! It’s clowns like him who make other Umno MPs laughing stock in Parliament. What an irony — school of freedom. What does he know of freedom? Sounds like a free monkey there. Half-witted moronic pig.

  6. i cringe at anytime his name or face is seen on the media with disgust. He is truly revolting but ironically has throngs of supporters.Maybe because he has Mahathir and Muhyiddin moral support.

  7. sure he graduated from Mass Com???? ada betui ka???? boleh caya ka????? hahahahaa.. I will check with gang Gestapo 74′ or maybe we can ask Pak Arshad Ayub about this.

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