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‘KDN hauls up Chinese papers for Bersih reports’

Wed 2011-Jul-13 @ +08 23:32:19 pm

Editors of Sin Chew, Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press were called to the Home Ministry on Tuesday, apparently about reports favourable to the Bersih 2.0 rally organisers, MalaysiaKini reports. The ministry eventually confirmed that the meeting was held, but brushed it off as a ‘regular meeting’.

“We have meetings with (editors of) Chinese, Malay and English newspapers from time to time to point out ‘uncomfortable’ reports,” MalaysiaKini quotes Abdul Aziz Md Nor as saying. Aziz is head of the KDN press censorship board, officially called the Publications Control and Quranic text unit.

He had initially denied to MalaysiaKini that any such meeting had taken place, but owned up after KDN secretary-general Mahmood Adam confirmed it. Aziz said the unit had discussed “various issues” with the editors, refusing to confirm that the meeting was about the reporting of the Bersih 2.0 rally on Saturday.

He also said no verbal warnings had been issued. When pressed as to whether show-cause letters would be issued, he reiterated: “I have told you, no warnings”.

  1. M.P.Nabhan permalink
    Thu 2011-Jul-14 @ +08 00:26:20 am 00:26

    Even a layman knows what BN is doing against anyone who is under the jurisdiction (control bodies). So they will always deny if someone points out their mistakes because they will never change. Always on denial and defensive in all their endurances.

    Where is the freedom of press? Go, Bersih, go …The people will make the change in the 13th GE.

  2. Thu 2011-Jul-14 @ +08 08:58:35 am 08:58

    This is democracy or freedom of the press for Malaysia or shall I say Hissham kind of democracy.
    Three cheers for democracy in boleh land and grand father of all democracy !

  3. weehobbit permalink
    Thu 2011-Jul-14 @ +08 15:53:57 pm 15:53

    A column in NST today by its NewSunTimes editor is another good example of editors trying to twist views such as the Facebook campaign to tell Jibby to step down. Now this writer is saying Facebook has become “the dirty place” and “a war zone’. And she also writes “Guns and heavy artillery fire can also be heard over on Twitter and other social media platforms and blogs”.
    It just goes to show how low some NST columnists can be if only to please their political masters.

  4. XYZ permalink
    Thu 2011-Jul-14 @ +08 16:19:35 pm 16:19

    Why don’t they haul up the editors of the Guardian, WSJ, etc… Probably the those editors can give them a bpiece of their min and report it in the papers. That would be big news.

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