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Cikgu Shida inspires Sunday paper

Thu 2011-Jul-14 @ +08 20:58:58 pm

“So next I can tell my pupils if teacher can do it, why can’t you! Show your talent, be brave, be confident, always believing in yourself, don’t be afraid of the mockery… JADIKAN SEMUA EJEKAN DAN KATA-KATA KEJI TERSEBUT SEBAGAI PEMBAKAR SEMANGAT UNTUK MENGHASILKAN YANG LEBIH BAIK. These videos are not just to motivate myself but also to motivate my pupils.
CIKGU SHIDA of Parit, Perak
school teacher and lover of life

Her lesson is one many grown-ups have yet to learn, especially in these trying times.

The Sunday Star profile of Cikgu Shida this week (left) and how she was featured here in February (above)

Cikgu Shida of Parit (Roshida Abdul Aziz), a primary school teacher with a refreshingly unconventional that teaching and learning can be fun, got big play in the Sunday Star this week, some five months after she was featured at Anil Netto’s blog and then by us here, too, among other places. Cikgu Shida is a mime artist by hobby, and produces video mime performances using her laptop and a webcam. Some of her earlier videos on YouTube (since removed) were viewed more than 600,000 times.

» Visit Cikgu Shida’s channel at YouTube…
» Visit her new blog

NOTE: Since we last visited in February, “Cik Shida Dari Parit” at blogspot has become Cikgu Shida with her own .cc domain, and a new channel as CikguShida1 on YouTube.

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