One smoke bomb fired into Tung Shin says NST Live

Was there tear gas at Tung Shin Chinese maternity hospital in Jalan Pudu, KL, last Saturday? Umno-BN politicians have strongly backed police denials. But rally-goers and observers at Tung Shin have posted photographs and videos showing police in action there — and doctors on duty have defied their own hospital board to support the protesters’ statements.

To all that raging controversy, add this fact, from the New Sunday Times’ NST Live coverage:

Roy See Wei Zhi: FRU had taken the West End of Jalan Pudu, while Police have taken the East. They are closing down the pocket down by marching towards each other. The rally-goers have temporarily dispersed, taking refuge in the surrounding buildings, including the Chinese Maternity Hospital here.
Most of the police move towards Jln. Pudu as Patriot followers disperse. In Jln. Pudu, Bersih followers are chaotic as they run everwhere they can trying to escape the police.

Roy See Wei Zhi: Rally goers at Jalan Pudu have been trapped in the compounds of Tung Shin Hospital. police and manuevering into position to make the storm-in.
Roy See Wei Zhi: A single smoke grenade had been fired into the Hospital’s compound to flush out rally goers who have been hiding in the facilities parking lot.

RozLatiff: Police now marching towards protesters at pasar seni unleashing canisters of gas. [via Twitter]
RozLatiff: Four big booms. [via Twitter]
Information from officer in charge, 3000 personnel were deployed in Jln Pudu, 7 water cannons, 32 trucks trying to block off about 3000 Bersih followers and 300 Patriot followers.
Roy See Wei Zhi: The police have turned aggressive on the press here in Jalan Pudu. We are forced to evacuate the area.
RozLatiff: Eight arrested at Pasar Seni. [via Twitter]
Police turn aggresive at a Swiss Garden Hotel in Jalan Pudu, as some people try to seek refuge here.

That extract is from the 1pm-4pm section of the Cover-It-Live session in which the NST collated accounts from reporters all over the city, interspersed with selected Tweets, and readers’ comments.

Overall, the live coverage was disappointing, with patchy reporting (the most interesting bits were between 3pm and 4pm) interspersed with comments and conversation, self-promotion, and a strongly pro-police tone — after all, it was labelled “July 9 crackdown”. NST Live was notable mainly for:

  • Faithfully providing an avenue for the Umno-BN’s desired talking points:
    • The rally is illegal
    • The police are doing a good job
    • The rally is about politicians
    • The rally results in lost business
    • The public are inconvenienced
    • Tourism will suffer
  • Interspersed with bits of reporting were “comments” from “readers” adhering to the party line
  • There was also a bit of self-promotion, with “readers” faithfully promising to ditch the Star and subscribe to the NST instead. And in between, a Roy See fan club rushed in breathlessly with a barrage of comments, no doubt from genuine concern, supporting their hero. That bit was quite amusing.

Those who had wanted a more coherent picture would have done better for themselves by picking the Twitter accounts of a few prominent Twitterers and a few media accounts: a more complete and rounded account would have emerged. After the reader had done is own gatekeeping, of course. There’s the rub.


5 thoughts on “One smoke bomb fired into Tung Shin says NST Live

  1. The deceitful and corrupted Home Minister from Umno is full of himself that he is always right and above all he is most caring for the Malay media,special privileges for Abrahim Ali and above all his lackeys, the uncooked police.
    No one can ever convince him of their right, he is superhuman, whatever he decides is never wrong. Anyone just the Chinese media that reported events not to his liking is in for a lesson of lesson in reporting.
    He is the grand father of all journalists and no amount of evidences can convince him. So don’t waste your time with this half turkish and just vote him out of office in the coming GE together with the rest of the present regime once and for all time. Period.

  2. It is getting hysterical. In the face of so many videos and eye witnesses, the BN goons are still denying the true facts. They are taking us for fools again. Liow Tiong Lai is getting more like his masters. You are losing your soul, you fool.

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