Doctored photo: Najib bows to yellow old lady

We are quite easily amused.

This must be a "doctored" photo. Who's the old aunty in the yellow dress?

Nicely done. He really does look like Najib. Who’s that Aunty in the Bersih tee-shirt?



5 thoughts on “Doctored photo: Najib bows to yellow old lady

  1. Ultimately, KOTOR must surrender to BERSIH. It’s an unwritten law of the universe! The good news is that once BERSIH has triumphed over KOTOR… it will be fashionable to pretend to be KOTOR… just for kicks! 😉

  2. He looks like me, but but but not me me me. That old lady looks like wearing in yellow but it is actually not yellow. I think u ppl are color blind.

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